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My lips were filled and my upper lip is now protruding. (Photo)

Hi, I had my lips filled now my top lip has swelled and it protrudes over my bottom lip. They were filled yesterday so this photo is around 24hours after. I know the swelling... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old and I'm wondering what I could do to slim down my face? (Photo)

I'm an average weight, and I've weighed less than I currently do and my face shape remains the same. Would Botox in the jawline be a good idea? My goal is to have a slimmer... READ MORE

Considering getting a breast enlargement from B to small D. Would it help me look more proportionate? (Photo)

Hi I would like to go from a B to small D. My reservations are that I might make my overall body look larger/chunky. I have large hips and bum and the top half of my body is... READ MORE

Changed moles after laser hair removal. What should I do? (Photo)

On my second laser treatment on my arms the laser was set to a higher setting. It hurt more & I am extremely concerned about freckle changes. The first pic shows faint, brown,... READ MORE