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Had Correctional Surgery and STILL Have Really Bad 'Dog Ears' (Sags) on Neck - Lakeland, FL

2 yrs after the full face lift and 2 surgeries on the neck lift, everything has drooped/dropped, and the neck looks worse by the month. I'm scared to go to another cosmetic surgeon now because prior to selecting the current surgeon, I did all of my homework and he checked out good. What I should have asked him is to talk to his other face/neck lift patients of his to see what their opinions... READ MORE

Finally Had Restylane After 3 Yrs of Getting my Nerve Up to Do This - Florida

I was SCARED TO DEATH. I researched my cosmetic surgeon for 3 yrs prior to getting this procedure done. I did NOT do the dental block. I had the nurse apply the topical numbing cream which did an excellent job. I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome and I can see I will be hooked on this. As evidence of my results, I know my surgeon is very experienced with the proper injection techniques,... READ MORE

Questions from jlosc

Any Recommended Facial Plastic Surgeon in Central Florida?

Would LOVE to hear recommendations as to what specific injection is good for wrinkles? i.e. Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, or any other that is being used. Also any... READ MORE

What Are the Long Term Side Effects of Injectables?

What are the long term adverse reactions to any of the Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm injections? READ MORE

What to Ask Injector to Gauge Their Experience?

What specific questions should we ask a doctor to find out if they are experienced injectors? I would not think the number of injections would make the MD an experienced... READ MORE

Can Someone Tell Me How the Charges Are Made for Botox?

I have been given a price of $330 PER injection site. My friend told me she's never heard of being charged by the injection site. She said it is her experience, that MD's... READ MORE

How Should You Sleep and Take Care of Your Skin After a Facelift?

What would you recommend for the best position to sleep in AFTER (post op) surgery? Also, what skin care regime would you recommend pre and post op? Thanks to all you... READ MORE

Chin Scar and Visible Hanging Lumps Hang Down at Each End of Scar- Options? (photo)

Can anyone tell me what is going on with BOTH ends of the chin scar from my neck lift surgery? At each end of the scar under my chin, there is a pocket of fat that hangs down... READ MORE

What Is The Injection Depth of Restylane at the Lips? 3 Months Later I Still Have Vertical Lines.

Could someone please tell me what the depth of the injection of Restylane for the lips is? Would the injection be subcutaneous, or deeper? I'm currently having Restylane... READ MORE

How Can Botox Be Injected for Crows Feet Without Affecting my Vision?

I had Botox injected for crows feet and it drastically affected my vision. Really blurred vision, and the shots were not that close to the eye. Any advise on what I can tell my... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Surgical Technique Used to Get a Defined Jawline and Clean Neck Lift 'Dog Ears'?

I am in need of a THIRD surgery to correct the problem with dog ears on my neck and define my jawline. My original surgeon did a correction and he still did a bad job, so I am... READ MORE

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Has anyone ever had or used Sculptress injections?

It's supposed to last a year or more. A friend of mine has those injections, but I cannot find any info on it. READ MORE

Recommendations for Neck Lift Expert in Orlando or Tampa?

Can any of the MD's here recommend an expert surgeon on neck lift surgery and to correct 'dog ears' at each end of the chin scar that I was left with after a bad... READ MORE

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I dont understand how you have no lines from the restylane. My lips where the restylane were injected, have lines, lumps and bumps. Your lips look perfectly injected READ COMMENT

Http://www.drlefkovits.com/aboutus.html READ COMMENT

He did a great job on Eaglese. My Dr really messed up my lips with Restylane. Full of lumps and bumps. You are wise to go to a Dr who you see has given great results. Good luck. READ COMMENT

You look great. Dr did a nice job. I guess my dr has a bad injection technique because my lips are all lumpy and bumpy so i have stopped going to him. Your lips are nice and smooth and natural looking. READ COMMENT

God bless you. You look GREAT. READ COMMENT