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27,4 Kids with a Supportive Husband , Bit of OCD - Minneapolis, MN

I'm going to start this by saying I'm both passive aggressive and OCD and vain very vain and therefore my stomach which is less than impressive must be improved to whatever level of improvement can be done. My breasts are fine and perky but not a lot there 36 b and not very full. I was intending on a December surgery and after careful thought I figured man I'm way less busy in July but without... READ MORE

My Whole Teenage Years and Earlier Led Me to This - Fargo, ND

I first got acne at the tender age of 10 and from that age to 19 dealt with severe cystic acne..Tried proactive, differin gel, creams, tazorac, spironalcactone..etc..EVERYTHING..but for the life of NOTHING worked I spent years hiding and covering..i did 4 months of treatment because I had to stop short due to my severe back pain and bad IBS issues..i still have IBS 8 years later and my acne... READ MORE

Hope I Don't Regret This - Fargo, ND

I had lines in my forehead that makeup settled into and though not drastic lines I felt like maybe I should start taking care of this before they get to bad. and my 11's were pretty bad especially because I have a scar there that accentuated them and makes it look even worse. I am just really hoping I have great results and don't wake up with a droopey lid...:/ also I got a headache after ... READ MORE

A Beautiful Smile at Last - Fargo, ND

I had pretty bad teeth all my life. They were so cracked and see through, with chips and odd shaped..and soooo short. I really hated smiling.I wanted this all my life and never found somebody right or with the skill set till I found this office, its a lot of steps and a lot of money but so worth it. Also for those going through this process there was a lot of tears and wondering if I was... READ MORE

Questions from VAINPAIN

THOUGHTS on combining full Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, and Lipo of flanks?

Is that too much in one surgery to heal from? 27 yr old non smoker in good health. READ MORE

Vertical TT scar? (photo)

I have had a consult with a wonderful board certified surgeon whom I think will do a great job but the only thing he mentioned during consult that threw me was the risk if... READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck make my skin too tight and cause stretch marks? (photos)

I've been told a 600 cc silicone will fit my frame and achieve the look im after but im wondering about if I can get stretch marks by getting these..because I have been... READ MORE

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Yes six and yes I use whitening trays and make sure it gets on backside of veneers to whiten natural backside of teeth tomorrow I'm trying laser whitening READ COMMENT

Man I'm sorry I read ur story where are you at with everything? I'm sorry u didn't get what u were looking for and your dentist has been uncooperative READ COMMENT

Crowns on top READ COMMENT

My drain sites have gotten several shots of steroid as they were pretty bumpy as for some reason they kept healing that way and my bb is perfection READ COMMENT

I also got it because it reduces appearance of scar I have between eyebrows READ COMMENT