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Hi there:) Wow.. thanks for doing a review after 10 years!! It will help those who aren't so certain about this procedure. Did you have your lower jaw shifted back or forward and by how much? I have an orthodontic issue but I am worried... READ COMMENT

Hello MischiefMermaids, I am wondering how did ur chin reduction surgery with Dr. Yaremchuk go and how has the recovery been like for you? I would like to decrease the size of my chin by 1 cm but then I read that it isn't ideal to have... READ COMMENT

Hi SilviaTX, how are doing now? Hope the scar faded a bit or is less visible. I am wondering if your skin on your chin still feels less tight & do you think it's because the surgeon didn't shorten and reattach the soft tissues to the... READ COMMENT

Hey, how are your results after the long recovery? Do you think doing the chin reduction was worth it? I am not too sure if I really want to do the surgery and I have a big jaw -.- READ COMMENT

Hi happbunny, hope you are recovering well :) I went to Seoul to consult several surgeons but was too scared to do the jaw & chin reduction surgery. They are experienced however my main concern was having sagging skin after bone is... READ COMMENT