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SO happy I chose her for my breast reduction

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Breast Reduction

6 May 2017, Created 1 month ago

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I didn't have a huge breast reduction (I went from 32DD or sometimes DDD-ish on the right to a small C or full B) but it's made a huge difference to me. I know that saying your surgeon is an "artist" is a cliche, but she really is. The shape of my new breasts is so much more attractive, and they finally fit my body. I have a small frame and was always top-heavy and trying to dress to minimize... READ MORE

Major Improvement - Toronto, ON

I'm writing this review for everyone in the boat I was in: scary looking filler, but too terrified to have hyaluronidase. I put up with two large, obvious, asymmetrical ridge-like bumps that created a blue tint under the skin under my eyes for OVER THREE YEARS. (Seriously -- the shape of my eye sockets/ cheekbone margin was like the prosthetic makeup on the shape-shifting alien character in... READ MORE

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Swelling three years after revision rhinoplasty. Why?

I haven't been that thrilled with the results of my revision. The nose seems "overbuilt" and too heavy for the rest of my features. However, I could basically live with it, but... READ MORE

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Redness is "normal." I'm not pro-IPL but try not to freak out. if it's red like a sunburn, you will likely heal completely fine. I wouldn't do it again, though. I think every time you have an IPL you're rolling the dice. READ COMMENT

I like this doctor's work, and you look great! How much did the two syringes cost? READ COMMENT

Do you happen to know which dr did her fat transfer? I am seriously considering this procedure! READ COMMENT

Yes, that's also exactly what I see when light from the side hits my cheeks. As LilyLake says, like chicken skin. My damage was in 2009, by the way, and I have fat loss. I think you'll see some improvements from here on out, but IMO... READ COMMENT

BTW I'm about six years out now. It does get better. But right now make sure you are not doing anything at all to create further inflammation. It's a long slow frustrating process. READ COMMENT