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Lip Lift After Thousands Wasted on Injections That Looked Terrible - Baltimore, MD

I've always had a thin upper lip, which made me look stern at rest. Questions like "What's wrong?" And "Are you upset?" became my life's torment. Men often said I looked bitchy and unapproachable and I would have random strangers telling me to smile. I'm generally considered pretty, but my self esteem was in the toilet and I became depressed and overly defensive about my resting "b*tch" face.... READ MORE

Restylane Only Lasted 3 Days in Top Lip and Nasolabial Folds

I had 1 syringe of Restylane injected into my top lip (one month apart) and 0.5 syringe of Restylane injected into my nasolabial folds. I wanted to enhance a thin upper lip and minimize the wrinke forming in my nasolabial fold.Three days after getting Restylane injections into my upper lip and nasolabial folds, I feel like there is little to no difference between how I looked before and after... READ MORE

Questions from TinyLip

Is my lip lift incision too far from my nostril? (Photo)

I'm 8 days postop & concerned bc while most of the pics I've seen show an incision that follows the outer perimeter of the nostril, then tucks inside the nostril mine protrude... READ MORE

Can veneers fix my smile (missing lateral incisors)? (Photo)

I have congenitally missing lateral incisors, 15 yrs ago, I had composite bonding applied to my canines to make them look like incisors. I'd like to get my smile to look more... READ MORE

Can my desired result be achieved with fillers? (photos)

I'm about 3.5 wks post op on a lip lift, which accentuated the sharp slope of my upper lip. I'm assuming that this is the final result even though I still have swelling in my... READ MORE

What causes Botox failure? Can your muscles "overpower" the Botox once it's set and push it out?

IThe last two times I had Botox in my 11s (different injectors, both PS's) it failed after about a month. After the 20 units froze that area, I had a bad dream, and apparently... READ MORE

Is this normal swelling after Juvederm or do I need to see my board certified dermatologist right away? (photos)

I got .5 syringe Juvederm in the outer corners of my upper lip. At 5 hrs post treatment one side of my lip swelled up substantially more than the other. It also feels thicker... READ MORE

Botox failure, again! (photo)

I'm experiencing Botox failure in my 11's. After having 40+ units put into my 11's (I'm only 34 and have a very slight line), my Botox disappears overnight about a month after... READ MORE

Recent comments from TinyLip

I think your face looks great and it's definitely an improvement. Hang in there and the swelling will resolve. You're beautiful either way and probably no one notices the nasal distortion as much as you do. READ COMMENT

I would agree with this for this most part. I think you and I got lucky though because Dr. R is so good. Some of the other girls who went to other doctors had permanent distortion, something that I think relates to the anchoring... READ COMMENT

I think your inspiration look was somewhat unrealistic because that woman had more volume to her lips to begin with, and if you look at her final result, it's much less full than the "after" picture you have attached. She even mentioned... READ COMMENT

The lip lift is not really going to give you more volume. It's designed to accomplish more tooth show (which looks like happened in your case) and more of the red part of your lips showing. Your lips were quite thin from the beginning,... READ COMMENT

I can form a full smile and my nostrils look, at least to me, the same as they were before. Sometimes, in the morning, I have very minor swelling, but it resolves by noon or so. I think you have to be prepared for nasal distortion, but... READ COMMENT