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Are PE & DVT's always deadly?

Hi I'm getting tummy tuck and lipo on March 28th. I am very scared of getting a blood clot. So my question is are PE & DVT always deadly or can they treat it?? I know my PS... READ MORE

Are blood clots still possible, even with blood thinners?

Hello I'm having surgery (tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer to buttocks) my question is: can I still get blood clots even if my ps gives me blood thinners before and after... READ MORE

Is an Epidural and IV sedation normal procedure for a Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello! I'm having surgery in mexico on march 28th. I talked to my ps yesterday and he told me he will be using epidural and IV sedation for my Tummy tuck, lipo and fat transfer... READ MORE

BMI is still high at a 34. Can I still get TT and lipo? Can't lose weight no matter what I do! (Photo)

I had gastric sleeve sx 14 months ago and I've lost 80+ pds but for the last 6 months I've been stuck at 186 and I'm 5'2. I still work out 5 days out of the week I eat small... READ MORE

Risk of conversion from sleeve to gastric bypass?

Hello!:) I'm having surgery sometime next year from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass. I'm allergic to vegetables fruits and any kind of mixed nuts I lost 50 pds with my sleeve... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Local or general anesthesia?

I will be getting a tummy tuck all the way around. My question is which is safer general anesthesia or epidural? I'm talking to two doctors right now the both want to do the... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve done went from 255 to 168 which is my current weight. What to do....? (photos)

Hello Drs. I had gastric sleeve done went from 255 to 168 which is my current weight. I've gone to two Drs. One recommended regular tt with lipo on abdominal and waist because... READ MORE

No antibiotic after tummy tuck and lipo. Is that OK?

I went and saw 2 plastic surgeons and both of them don't prescribe anitbiotic after their procedures. Is that ok? READ MORE

What's the purpose of vitamin K?

Hello! My ps wants me to take vitamin k. He said it was for blood clotting. But is that safe? It won't cause blood clots like dvt or pe? Sorry if I'm being naive I just don't... READ MORE

Superficial blood clot. Should I be concerned?

Hello. I had tt 2 1/2 weeks ago. I felt tenderness in my arm went to ER had an ultrasound ended up being a superficial blood clot. They told me not to be scared just to drink... READ MORE

Dvt after 4 weeks out of Tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

Hi I had a tt/lipo 5 weeks ago since then I've been diagnosed anemia 3 days after tt. 3 weeks after got a superficial blood clot. Last week they found a dvt on my upper leg.... READ MORE

DVT after TT/lipo/BBL; can I have surgery again?

Had tt/lipo/bbl 4 wks later they found a dvt in left leg. I'm taking xarelto now for 6 months.went to ER 4 wkslater due to for shortness of breath they did ct of lungs and... READ MORE

Blood clot after TT. Still need breast lift with implants and arm lift.

Hello I had tt bbl lipo in march 2016. A month later they found a small blood clot in my leg was put on blood thinners and after 6 weeks blood clot was gone. I still need Brest... READ MORE

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Tummy tuck why am I so nervous??

Hello!! I'm getting my tummy tuck, lipo and butt augmentation (fat transfer) on March 28th, it's exactly a month away from today and I am feeling so nervous and scared. I'll be... READ MORE

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Good luck it will go amazing. I've so many good things about dr Cardenas. I'll be following ur progress. READ COMMENT

Hi! How are you doing? How are you liking your progress? I'm considering on going with dr. Cardenas. READ COMMENT

Hello! Did Dr. Cardenas say how long one is suppose to stay off work after tummy tuck? READ COMMENT

Wow!! Those scars look good!! It's so perfect and straight! How's the pain level as the days go by? I'm getting a excited about getting my mommy makeover by just reading ur post everyday. Thanks for sharing!!:) READ COMMENT