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Does a nose become less pointy with age?

I'm a guy, I'm 15, and my nose is straight, then at the tip, the skin is really pointy and turned up at about a 95 degree angle. Is that a feminine quality? I was a late... READ MORE

Will my button nose change or do I need rhinoplasty?

I am 15. I was a late bloomer in puberty. I hit my growth spurt about four months after I turned 15. So, i am still getting taller. My nose is slightly turned up, but the most... READ MORE

What nose shape is shown in this picture?

I have a nose shape similar to this. I am having trouble distinguishing it from concave to straight. What shape is it?! READ MORE

What is my nose shape? (drawing)

I accurately traced my own profile from a picture. I am a male and I can't tell if my nose to be too "button-y" or the right size. I also think its a little curvy. What is the... READ MORE

Would you suggest changing my nose like James Dean's or Brad Pitt's? What are their differences? (photos)

Would you suggest changing that to something like James Dean's? What are the differences between the shapes of Pitt and Dean, and what is the procedure to change it? READ MORE