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Can Open Roof Deformity interfere with cartilages in the nose during Rhinoplasty?

Concerning rhinoplasty, when a bony and cartilaginous bump is located on the dorsum, oesteotomy must be performed to narrow nasal bony sidewalls and avoid open roof deformity.... READ MORE

Mandibular advancement surgery. Does the surgeon replace it in the proper position?

I have to undergo a mandibular advancement surgery. I know the mandible is cut and moved forward thanks to titan devices. But what about the articulation of the mandible ? Does... READ MORE

No packing = nothing at all?

Surgeons write they don't put packing into noses after rhinoplasty surgery. Does it mean they put NOTHING AT ALL or they put some kind of internal splint more confortable than... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty without septum work?

I am considering a cosmetic rhinoplasty. My nasal septum is slighty deviated with no symptoms. I would like to undergo a rhinoplasty without any septum correction. Is it possible ? READ MORE

Would you recommend implants instead of braces?

I have a retrognathia, class 2, division 2 and my orthodontist told me I had to undergo a mandibular advancement and an orthodontic traitment with braces. I am willing to... READ MORE