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I had Radiesse yesterday for the second time. Last year I used it for marionette lines, this year I used one vial, that's all I needed. I used one vial for both hands, my hands have lost fat as I am 60. I need another 1/2 vial for... READ COMMENT

You can't put the whole amount but the $1000 for non service will be given to you immediately. At that point I don't think I would want this Dr to work on me again. Hopefully you can get the credit and find someone else. READ COMMENT

If you paid by credit card you can call the cc company and contest the $1000 for non service. They'll give you credit temporarily while they investigate. It is then up to the Dr to prove she gave full service. No, I don't use her, I... READ COMMENT

CE, when you signed your consent for treatment, what did it say? I just had my Tear Trough area done and if it works, I'll do my neck and chin. I remember reading that it will not be as effective as plastic surgery but it did state... READ COMMENT

Why don't you speak to them about doing your neck? If you paid for it and the Dr acknowledged you overpaid by $1000 she should have no problem doing the neck or refunding the difference, it's illegal what this office is doing. READ COMMENT