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Couldn't Imagine Life Without Botox - Raleigh, NC

I have receive botox at a few different places, but Dr Law's office has definitely been the best experience. The injector always take her time with me. I have to drive 3 and a half hours to get to Dr Law's office, but it's worth every minute of the drive. I will never let someone else put needless in my face again!!! READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of 2 Finally Got the Body I Always Wanted! - Raleigh, NC

I wrote my tummy tuck review and just finally got to doing my breast augmentation review. I chose the sientra shaped implants. So glad I did. They look very natural. I had a wonderful experience. I had previously went to other plastic surgeons who were actually willing to do these procedures a little cheaper, but they did not wow me at all. But after the first consultation, I knew Dr Law... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of Two, Finally Has the Tummy of my Dreaams - Raleigh, NC

I had been wanting to get a tummy tuck for as long as I can remember. I had my oldest daughter when I was 16. And that pregnancy messed up my body so bad. So, I was never able to enjoy my body as a woman. I went from having a developing child's body to a pregnant body to a very badly affected post baby body. I estimated the cost of my tummy tuck, just because I also had breast implants and... READ MORE

Office Review - 35 Year Old Mother Couldn't Even Go to Appointment - Charleston, WV

I actually made it in to this office a couple of months ago to see Dr stewert, where I received voluma. I am very pleased with that procedure. However, I specifically told the lady on the phone that there were several things I wanted to discuss with him, so please make me two back to back appointments if needed. (I was willing to pay for both appts). Well, she didn't. So, after driving 2... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of 2. Went in for Botox and Restylane Injections. Came out with a "Duck Lip." Went Back for Hyuronidase.

I was going in for botox on my forehead and between my eyebrows. And restylane under my eyes and I was considering a bit of a lip filler. The Dr talked me into juvederm instead of restylane. Since then, I have read that u should never put juvederm under the eye. That's what I get for not doing my homework before hand. She put way too much in my upper lip. I definitely had a duck look. It... READ MORE

Questions from jwil34

Will my "duck mouth" go away after Juvederm? (photos)

I received my injections tuesday. It is now friday. I seriously look as tho I have duck bill. Do u think I got too much or do u think it's just still swollen. Or maybe I need... READ MORE

What can I do for my huge overbite and to make my teeth smaller? (photo)

I have been self conscious about my teeth for as long as I can remember. I've been told to get braces but my teeth are huge. Braces won't make my teeth smaller. I was thinking... READ MORE

Please look at these pics and tell me if this is normal 6 days after juvederm? (Photo)

I had juvederm injections in my lips Tuesday. It is now sunday. I am mortified! Why would someone do this to another person? READ MORE

Horrible juvederm experience. Received hyuronidase today. Do the injections usually hurt that bad? (Photo)

I got "duck lips from juvederm. I waited 2 weeks for swelling to go down like I was told. But still duck mouth after 2 weeks. So I went in to get it disolved today. I'm... READ MORE

Weird indentation above my top lip. Is this from juvederm or the hyuronidase? (Photo)

I got juvederm injections a couple weeks ago. It made my top lip stick out like a duck. I gave it about ten days then went in to have it disolved. The next morning my lips were... READ MORE

What are these uneven lumps from Vitrase?

I got horrible juvederm injections in my lips. I looked like I had a duck bill. I went to have it disolved. It has been 3 days since I had the juvederm disolved and I have... READ MORE

What can I do for the fine lines underneath my eyes: Lower eye lid lift? (Photos)

I thought I could get restylane under my eyes and it would help. My dr talked me into juvederm but told me it won't hide all the lines but will make a big difference. Well..it... READ MORE

Is a chemical peel the best to treat my under eye wrinkles? (photos)

I posted pics before and was told the lines aren't bad (here is a link to my previous question). So I'm posting a couple more to show how loose the skin is under my eye.... READ MORE

I received Juvederm under my eyes 14 months ago, it still looks horrible? What are my options? (photos)

I received juvederm 14 months ago. I have since learned that u should never put juvederm under the eyes. I wish I knew about this site beforehand. Are there any options that... READ MORE

Recent comments from jwil34

Same!!! Exactly the same experience with my eyes. I do still get botox and love it. But I only see a board certified plastic surgeon. READ COMMENT

I have read from several different resources and spoke with a few board certified plastic surgeons about fillers. Fillers are not to be put under the eyes. In most cases it makes the problem area look worse, by creating a pocket (bag)... READ COMMENT

I know right! I'm so grateful I had such an awesome surgeon. READ COMMENT

Broken down I don't remember individual pricing. But everything together was 22 or 23k. I don't remember the exact. He is a little more expensive than some other drs. But u get what u pay for. I've seen some really odd, unnatural... READ COMMENT