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The area above my lips is very fat & swollen and I look like an ape. Can fat transfer or Botox help? (Photo)

I thought this was so because my canines were a little out of my jaws but I wasn't sure. READ MORE

The area between my nose and upper lip, is quite swollen. I think it's due to my maxilla protrusion. What can be done? (Photo)

I thing my upper jaw is protruding and because of that I'm getting a gummy smile, monkey like appearance etc. is my jaw under developed or over developed. And can this be fixed... READ MORE

So my mouth protrudes a lot and I believe its because my jaws are protruding. Can teeth extraction and Braces after work?(photo)

My mouth protrusion makes me look like an ape. Let me know if there is any possible jon invasive treatment READ MORE