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I don't have a lot of fat, but I still want minimal amounts removed under my jaw. Is this possible? (Photo)

I'm not overweight, if anything, I'm nearly underweight. But I'm kind of frustrated with the stubborn fat that underlines my jawline and chin. I really wish to have a more... READ MORE

How long do you have to wear a compression garment for Neck Liposuction?

How long after a neck liposuction do you have to wear a compression garment for? Would it be 24/7 or just at night? READ MORE

What type of neck fat would this be considered? (photos)

I'm very thin, but I have stubborn fat along my jaw and under my chin (I think). Do you think it's more under the jaw or under the chin? Which lipo would I do or is it possible... READ MORE

Can a doctor estimate how well the results of neck Liposuction will be by examining beforehand?

I'm considering getting a neck/chin/jaw lipo, but after seeing pictures on realself, I've see a vast difference in results, some better than others. I understand this all... READ MORE

Should I gain some weight before my neck lipo so there is a little bit more to remove?

I have in the recent years attempted to starve myself because of the stubborn fat along my neck--which is unhealthy, I realize. I've finally decided to consider liposuction,... READ MORE

How much is Accusculpt for the chin/jawline?

I've been researching and came accross accusculpt, it seems suitable for minimal amounts of fat removed around the neck and jawline and it's less invasive. How much would a... READ MORE

Can I get jawline lipo like my wish pic? (photos)

I have had mixed opinions of whether or not I should have chin/jaw liposuction because I really don't have a whole lot if fat there, but nonetheless, the little amount really... READ MORE

Facial Liposuction? Doesn't seem very popular...do most doctors do that? How much does laser lipo on the face cost? (Photo)

I've already decided I'm getting a chin lipo. But I'm also considering something along the face as there is fat buildup around my neck, jowls and cheeks. I know of buccal fat... READ MORE

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It's a huge difference, I'm so glad for you! READ COMMENT

Any updates? If it got worse after a few weeks, that's probably swelling. Has it gone down? How is everything now? READ COMMENT

Hi, how is everything now? Any updates? READ COMMENT

The results look very nice, I'm surprised you didn't have to wear a strap though. But I guess it turned out well for you either way :) READ COMMENT