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There is a big difference! Sometimes we don't see ourselves as we appear to others but I would definitely say that there is quite a difference between both pictures and you definitely look refreshed! Glad for you! READ COMMENT

I won't get to see him until July because his office is closed for renovation (though I did send him pix). I don't see what he can possibly do to help since what he did before only worked for 8 weeks. I definitely won't spend another... READ COMMENT

The more I hear about your procedure, the more I cringe. I went to a very reputable Dr. with impeccable credentials. I just ended up looking the same (only slightly worse) than before I started. READ COMMENT

Here, here! But we all know that'll never happen. READ COMMENT

Good for you PrideB4fall! I was going to respond to "Shiny Happy" but you beat me to it and I stand behind you 100%. READ COMMENT