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Retin A is a Life Saver! 7months in and my Skin is So Clear

I began using retin A in january 2014. I don't remember the specific date but it was definitely january. I was desperate to get clear skin so I would research acne cures every day and I found this and then made the decision to order it online. So I ordered a 20g tube of a ret gel from ebay. At... READ MORE

Questions from choklitvomit

Am I developing spider veins and if so how can I prevent them from getting worse? (Photo)

The veins at the back of my knee have become more noticeable in the past year and they also get painful sometimes. They look thinner. Sometimes during the day my legs feel kind... READ MORE

MY pores look more visible after using tretinoin gel. Is this normal and is it permanent?

I've only noticed this with the pores that are a little clogged. on my forehead the pores that looked like they had a dark middle (blackhead/ clogged pore) became much more... READ MORE

To what extent does Retin-A actually transform the top layer of skin and clogged pores?

Does it transform/ renew it completely? Will the skin look like its been replaced with brand new skin after I'm finished treatment? Or does it only work to unplug the pore and... READ MORE

I have shallow indented scars left behind after my breakouts - Is my retin a giving me scars?

I have been using retin a .1 for almost three months. When I get a pimple it dries it out and speeds up the process of getting rid of it nicely but after every break out is... READ MORE

Veins on legs becoming more and more noticeable and painful how can I treat this?

It seems they are starting to form very early for me (im only 17) and I already purchased some support stockings and im elevating my legs and moving a lot when I can but it... READ MORE

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I believe that is due to the fact that retin sheds the skin quicker and in doing so the skin begins to get thinner. You havent used it enough to be able to see better results but ive been using retin A for 9months and it has changed my... READ COMMENT

Are you getting any more spider veins on your legs now? READ COMMENT

You naturally have a very pretty oval face shape. The implants made your face look more rounded and big. Like amanda bynes. Its good that you got them removed because you look better natural. Hope you heal well READ COMMENT

Atleast try the weakest one or a middle strength every other day READ COMMENT

Yeah I think my skin is quite sensitive too (or was? lol) and my skin got very irritated when I first began using it (same as yours) but now it isnt like that at all I think my skin got used to it now and is less sensitive towards it.... READ COMMENT