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Are necklifts for excess/stretched skin even worthwhile for a violist? (Photo)

I am a 50yr old woman, slim and fit. I have excess skin under the neck (no fat at all), esp. on the right side, perhaps because I am a professional violist and have to turn my... READ MORE

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I also use a stamp and single needle for the deeper lines - it seems logical that I want more collagen in them than in the surrounding skin. I think the reason some people find dermaroller unsuccessful for lines and acne scars is... READ COMMENT

Certainly, the photos make it very clear that the process caused the bags. I just mean that protein is so essential for rebuilding collagen. I wish you the very best, full recovery. READ COMMENT

I DIY microneedle. I'm probably not allowed to post where I get the machine I'm using (you can also get manual stamps and rollers), but if you search microneedling dr fernandes you'll find the site that bases its advice and supplies... READ COMMENT

Facial resistance training (I use Flexeffect and Ageless if you Dare) for volume and control over how your face ages. And when I do have wrinkles/crepeyness to deal with, I use DIY needling and find it pretty successful, though slow... READ COMMENT

One more thing: the only time my eyelids looked puffy and saggy for a while was about 5 years ago (I was 45), when I was not eating enough protein. Now, at 50, they look good and I really think it's because I increased my protein intake. READ COMMENT