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Kruise, have you been watching your diet during these 3 months? I noticed that my progress slow down when I do not control my diet. Is this a problem you are facing too? READ COMMENT

Isha, don't feel discourage, the swelling will come down eventually. Don't forget to massage your tummy, as it will aid in the fluid retention, which will only go away after min 2 months (according to my doctor). The compression garment... READ COMMENT

Water retention is the most common, and according to my doctor, it will take 2 months to go away. You may want to read my post http://www.realself.com/review/Vaser-Liposuction-Vaser-Result-and-Compression-Method Good Luck. READ COMMENT

I done mine on 6th Aug, 1 day before you. We should be progressing about the same. I had 370cc sucked (as my BMI is 23, I'm not really that fat, but just need to sculpture a bit) and like you, 2 days ago I'm not seeing any result,... READ COMMENT

I had mine too as my tummy starts to bulge after switching to a desk-bound job. I am someone who hates exercises, ate alot (unhealthily) and starts to put on weight at my 30 years of age (I'm 31 this year and my BMI is 23). Well,... READ COMMENT