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Questions from Grace7890

Can you post pics of a rhinoplasty at diff stages, such as: pre-op, after cast removal, 2 weeks, 4 wks, 2 mnths, 3 mnths, etc?

Just trying to get an idea of how much swelling exists after surgery through different stages on patients who have had an open rhinoplasty and/or with tip work. READ MORE

Can I combine an abdominal myomectomy with a mini tummy tuck?

I am at my ideal weight, physically fit, 46 years old, controlled high blood pressure. READ MORE

Will surgery 2 months after septorhinoplasty, interfere with nose healing, prolong nose swelling and affect end result?

The other surgery is abdominal myomectomy combined w tummy tuck procedure. Will be performed approx 2 month and 3 weeks after rhinoplasty. READ MORE

If only bone reshaping Osteotomy is performed, will the tip swell? If so, is there a risk of scar tissue forming in tip?

Tip has already been rebuilt with ear cartilage in a second revision. Only osteotomy of nasal bones would be performed in regards to the question above. READ MORE

Is it possible after swelling, for the nose tip to reduce from 2.75 centimeters in width to 1.75 centimeters in width?

My nose tip looks ridiculous at 2.5 almost 3 months post is so round and fat it would have to decrease in size by 1 centimeter in width to be normal. It currently... READ MORE

What type of internal swelling is involved with Rhinoplasty? What accounts for external swelling?

Which internal tissue or nasal structures are involved with internal swelling after rhinoplasty. Does this internal swelling cause external appearance of swelling of the nasal... READ MORE

Can ice packs to the Fat Transfer area of the face restrict the blood vessels, limit their growth, or restrict fat viability?

Can ice packs to the face constrict blood vessels and not allow blood vessels and fat transfer to stabilize? READ MORE

Can ice packs on the face after Facial Fat Transfer freeze the grafts causing them to be reabsorbed?

A doc on realself stated that the ice packs too the face can freeze the grafts. If this happens, is it possible to kill the grafts causing reabsorption? Can this still happen... READ MORE

Can a tooth with an all porcelain crown have braces placed on it safely without breaking the crown during tooth movement?

The tooth with the all porcelain crown is the tooth in positioned directly behind the canine. Underlying tooth was substantially reduced to place the porcelain crown over it.... READ MORE

Can a closed rhinoplasty be performed to reshape or remove ear cartilage from a bulbous tip and possibly perform osteotomy?

Had a second rhinoplasty to try to correct an over resected nose with nasal tip asymmetry (leaned to one side). Doc rebuilt the nasal tip with ear cartilage and now nasal tip... READ MORE

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I have chosen dr. Grigoryants...but I have not done it yet so I can't give you a review....I have to wait about 7 to 8 months. READ COMMENT

There were many points...I like the fact that it gave very very important facts regarding the fat transfer procedure...for example facial fat transfer will produce asymmetrical results more often than not, especially when placed under... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing...he did a good job! You look great! READ COMMENT