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Eyebag repositioning procedure done but surgeon removed eyebag. Now eyes look hallow. Can you help?

Pls help jus went to ps claiming he jus repositioned my eyebag but he ended up removing wat he said as excess fat.. I nevr ask fr any fat to b removed .. Nw eyes look hallow..... READ MORE

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Nadia ths fr ur encouragement earlier.. I got hallow eyes after eyebag repositioning i did a month ago .. I used to have v plumped n nIce looking undereye but d ps took it away n i m really considering implants ne.. Done my research but... READ COMMENT

Maya.. Hang in there we can get through.. I m at my 3rd wk post fg - i flash feeling of ending life wks prior same as u.. I knw hpw it feels i really knw.. But i needa share with ev one here -- it does go down!!!! Nw i m 70% close to my... READ COMMENT

And they say liposuction is fr ppl having more fat there to be sucked .. When u guys ps did the fg did they say they can offer 3 mth free touch up (coz most of the fat will get reabsorped)? READ COMMENT

Yes for sure.. Coz in here we can resonate n feel d emationa. Yes fr sure hippo we resonate n feel the emotional pain only we ppl here can understand .. Carrying a whole... READ COMMENT

Its acculift laser unoq .. I ll try in 2 mths to see if it works.. ;( READ COMMENT