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Liposuction Journey Starts Here

TT procedure is completed. Now my goal is to have liposuction of my full back, flanks, inner-outer thighs. This procedure will complete my Tummy Tuck. My TT looks Awesome, but because my flanks, lower back, hips, inner and outer thighs haven't been lipo I'm unhappy. So liposuction is now underway. Excited to be going. OK OK I have just 3 months to go 90 days and counting. I'm okay with... READ MORE

Miami / Coral Gables, FL

Fantastic office staff: Dr Howard Robinson 25+ years experience is shown in his work. My experience with them was excellent. They met all my needs and more. This office made me comfortable and the nurses went over and beyond their job duties. Dr Howard Robinson is exceptional ladies a veteran Doctor did a perfect job Ladies read Dr Howard Robinson reviews. He is AWESOME!!! HIS WORK IS... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Survivor & More Plastic Surgery Coming

I'm 45 years old, African American Women, who holds the definition for CURVATIOUS. I love my big booty, hips, and waist. I have 3 grown kids. So now its my time to critique my goal and get my small waistline back. I'm going June 2014 To Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery. Dr Howard Robinson. There's also an office in Miami. But more down south its more reasonable, plus they'll match or beat a... READ MORE

Questions from Dr7423

What type of procedures do you see I need to get that small waistline? (photos)

Hello Certified Doctors. By looking at my photos, you'll noticed I have a big booty. Yeppie!! However, my waistline Outdated. Is a tummy tuck and lipo to flanks enough. I... READ MORE

Is flying safe after two days from having a tummy tuck? Flight time is 1.5 hours (Photo)

Hello Board Certified & Plastic Surgeons. Thank you for your artistic hands and commitment that transforms our bodies, which raises our self esteem %100. Im flying 1.5 hrs. on... READ MORE

What type of surgeon is best for dark circles and baggy eyes? (photos)

Hello Doctors, its easy to find a tummy tuck doctor. However looking at my dark circles and ugly baggy eyes. What type of Doctor do I search for, to relieve me of my dark... READ MORE

2 Weeks post Tummy Tuck. What can I do to help heal my new navel and the raw redness above my incision? (photo)

In had a tummy tuck on 6/10/2014. I feel great. However my concern is: looking at my photo I have redness around my incision. My incision is not opening but this raw pinkesss... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Tummy Tuck, should I be concerned about my skin and navel? (photos)

Hello Certified Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons. By looking at my photos above my pubic hair you'll notice where my Tummy Tuck incision is there is no skin and it doesn't look... READ MORE

What areas do you suggest I have liposuction in order to have a define small waistline? My butt is 100% natural. (photo)

Hello Doctors. I had a tummy tuck on June 10,2014. However I still carry a lot of fat around my waist. By looking at my photos I provided what are the areas you suggest I get... READ MORE

Do you suggest CoolSculpting or traditional liposuction? (Photo)

I have been reading forums about cool-scuplting; can you tell me if I should consider traditional liposuction or if cool-scuplting would be okay. I am in need of liposuction to... READ MORE

Help with ugly sunken, hollow deep under eye bags! (Photo)

Doctors please give me some news!! I have deep hollow bags under my eyes. Cannot afford under eyelid surgery. Is there any type of injections I can have injected to get rid of... READ MORE

Recent comments from Dr7423

Yes, his work is exceptional READ COMMENT

Lewis Friedlander is great! He's been in the business for so many years. His work is good. READ COMMENT

To everyone considering Dr. Lewis Friedlander. Yes, he's very good with liposuction procedures. Prices are low and his work is great! READ COMMENT

Hey lady how are you doing? We met at Findley office the night of your follow up before lipo and my consultation. We sat and talked then you showed me your realself forum. You did it. Im so proud of you. Tell me all the details of your... READ COMMENT

Hi Ms CoCo You and I met at Dr. Findlay office that night of my consult and your final preparation for your lipo. Ww spoke a few minutes. How are you doing? Tell me all about your liposuction. Details. Gotta see your photos I can't wait READ COMMENT