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It Works but Results Can Be SCARY!! - New York

I had hyaluronidase injected to dissolve juvederm that was not good for my under eye area and causing puffiness and discolouration, without properly filling the tear troughs. Effects of the hyaluronidase were quite drastic. dissolved away a lot of my own HA i believe and left terrible grooves. not a great result so i had restylane injected within 48 hours to fill the grooves. resty has filled... READ MORE

do not get juvederm in tear troughs! - New York

Unfortunately I had juvederm injected a number of times before i realised that it was making my entire under-eye puffy and blueish, but was too soft to actually fill the tear trough groove. if you want soft and puffy, go for juve. i do not believe it is right for under eyes. Had to have it removed with hyaluronidase, which was not fun as it also dissolved some of my own natural HA that will... READ MORE

Questions from Jenn88

What is the best filler for avoiding getting the tyndall effect under my eyes?

I had Juvederm ultra 3 and volbella injected under eyes. last injection was six months ago. This has given me the tyndall effect. 1) Does vitrase really "erase" the tyndall... READ MORE

How soon after hyaluronidase can you get more filler? (photos)

I had hyaluronidase injected this afternoon to dissolve Juvederm under the eyes that had created puffiness and tyndall effect. Seems that the enzyme has worked already but... READ MORE

Persistent discoloration under eyes. Why don't docs warn that hyaluronidase can thin skin by depleting HA and collagen?

I had discolouration under eyes from juvederm. was advised to have hyalase. after that the discoloration was worse, and i had deep grooves. i believe that the hyalase dissolved... READ MORE

Tyndall or simply thin skin?

I had juvederm then hyalase then restylane to my under eyes, which now look worse than before i removed the juvederm one month ago (which was causing slight puffiness and... READ MORE

What's the real cause of tyndall effect?

Is it possible that "tyndall effect" under eyes is caused by something other than superficially placed filler? most docs do not inject superficially and yet end up with tyndall... READ MORE

What is Restylane made of?

Why is Restylane advertised as NASHA (non-animal) when it is made in the lab, from the fermentation of equine (horse) streptococcus? I don't understand! thanks READ MORE

Which is better for slight jowling and slightly too much volume in lower face? Liposuction or small incision facelift?

Hi there, I am 42, weigh about 50kg, am 1.69 metres tall, and have very few wrinkles but have very slight jowling developing. I would like to get rid of this and also maybe get... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jenn88

Something to think about - what we think is tyndall may not even be that... READ COMMENT

HI there it has taken about 5-6 months for the skin to return to normal after the dissolving enzyme. i used a collagen cream combined with castor oil on my eyes and that helped. also took collagen capsules. i was afraid my skin was... READ COMMENT

Ps. this is one of the studies. the setting for the laser should be 3 joules or at most 5 joules at 3mmx3mm spot size. two passes no overlaps. http://www.researchgate... READ COMMENT

Hi there. i am not sure if you have tried to dissolve all of the stuff with hyalase? if not try it. another option is q-switched nd yag laser, which targets black and blue pigment under the skin and is often used to remove tattoos. this... READ COMMENT

Don't use the enzyme unless you have very disfiguring bumps or a medical emergency. i had the enzyme and it definitely dissolved by own collagen it has take months for the skin to regenerate. did you ever get the yag laser for the... READ COMMENT