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Will you be banking some of that fat? Good for future wrinkle treatment and stem cell therapies. READ COMMENT

Initially the harvest was about $500. It was only a local hand harvest and not a full lipo with general anaesthesia. The banking was only $1200. The tissue/stem cell treatments of the banked tissue (to the face) was only $800. You... READ COMMENT

The fat transfer works because it is, of course, made of live cells. Mostly fat cells and stem cells. It's possible to store the fat and "bank" it. There are labs that do that. Then if you need more fat -- touch ups from the last... READ COMMENT

Will you be banking some of the fat tissue?? Since you're young you might consider that. READ COMMENT

AFter I had lipo on the love handles I stored some. Later on I asked my doctor about treatment of some scars on my face. He suggested we use the fat tissue that was stored instead of a new harvest. It was cheaper and less painful than a... READ COMMENT