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Breast Lift with Implant @ NYEEI with Dr. Polavarapu - New York

Let me start by saying this review is long over due! I started looking Well let me start from the beginning. My main focus was always getting a tummy tuck.. I was obsessed and had a one track mind.. I was looking into having the procedure in St. LLouis @ Washington University (teaching hospital). My family was against me traveling by myself for major surgery.. So my sister started researching... READ MORE


I'm torn bt these 2 doctors!! I need help choosing the right doc for my bbl procedure.. who is going to offer me the deal I want and need for my body and my pocket? Don't want to put quotes out there yet, only bc I haven't locked in my price and want to negotiate a better price.. Please help me decide.. Send me pics! Tell me ur experience.. what u liked and what u didn't like.. Fisher did... READ MORE

NoMoreFupa - Miami, FL

I have been wanting to fix my tummy forever!!!!! November 2013 i went for my first consults and was told i had to lose weight. im 5'2 and started at 220. now im 190, got 10 to 15 more to go. im scheduled for june 3 with dr. fisher at vanity in miami. 5 to go!!!!! they ask if its worth it,, i havent done it yet,,,, but HHHEEELLLLLL YYYEEAAHHHH its gonna be worth it!!!!! im using airbnb.com... READ MORE

Questions from HourGlassVixen

Am I candidate for tummy tuck at current weight and bmi? Would other docs agree with mine?

5'2 200 lbs my bmi is like 37, says im obese. I really want a tt. The doc doing my surgery wants me to lose weight so that my bmi is 30 or under about 35 pounds. I don't mind... READ MORE

Having a extended tummy tuck and full back lipo. How many pounds and how many inches will I lose after surgery? (photos)

5'2 180 to 175 lbs. Measurements are bust 37 1/2, waist 39, and hips 44. Does full back lipo include upper back, posterior axillary area, mid back, flanks, and lower back? Does... READ MORE

What garment do I need immediately after full back lipo and extended tummy tuck?

I am having an extended tummy tuck and full back lipo in the beginning of June. My doctor told me just a binder for my tummy tuck, but what about my upper back? Full back lipo... READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons accept insurance, and will insurance cover my surgery after weight loss surgery?

I had weight loss surgery and now I have so much lose skin that it causes bad rashes. Would this be covered by insurance? Do plastic surgeons take insurance? READ MORE

Need a doctor to do follow ups with in New York and possibly remove drains.

I had a tummy tuck in Miami on June 3, live in NY. Returning tomorrow, June 11, need a doctor to maybe do follow ups with and possibly remove my drains. When I went to the... READ MORE

Incision is red and raised 3 weeks after Tummy Tuck. (photo)

Had a tt on june 2 in miami.. One week later incision is red and raised.. doc says everything is normal, but didn't like the redness (flying back to NY) so gave me an extra... READ MORE

From New York traveling to Miami for a Brazilian Butt Lift. I'm staying for 5 days and flying home. How long is the recovery?

How long is the recovery after a bbl? Is 5 days enough? What about the 3 hour plane ride back to NY? Any suggestions? I'm a server, how long would I stay out of work? 2 weeks?... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Liposuction on my arms? (photos)

I'm interested in a BBL and want to get full front, full back, inner thighs, and arm lipo to transfer. Curious if my arms can be lipoed. I'm not sure if it's skin or fat. I... READ MORE

What happens if you have a baby after extended tummy tuck, Lipo of full torso w/ BBL & Breast Lift w/ silicone implants? (photo)

Just curious about pregnancy after cosmetic surgery.. I am willing to be touched up afterward, but just want to know if it will affect the baby and breast feeding? I am... READ MORE

Discussions started by HourGlassVixen

travel buddy

Sx with Dr Fisher on june 2 to June 11. Hit me up if u got these dates. READ MORE

Anyone going to vanity june 2 through 11?

Traveling to Miami on June 2 and staying till June 11.  Getting extended tummy tuck and full back lipo. READ MORE

Has anyone had full back lipo? What garment did u use?

I'm having an extended tummy tuck and full back lipo in a month with Dr. Fisher @ Vanity in Miami.  They told me I only need a binder for my tummy, what about my upper back? READ MORE

Nonrefundable Deposit with Dr. Ortega?

So I am very interested in a bbl.. I was leaning towards Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami, but his deposits are NONREFUNDALE!! $$500 and I can't get it back if I changed my mind!! This... READ MORE

What is Dr. Ortega's operating room like?

So I'm torn bt 2 doctors, Ortega and Fisher.. Dr. Fisher did my TT and I love the results and I'm super happy, but not crazy about somethings (operating room). Just wondering... READ MORE

recovery house suggestions

Where did u stay for recovery after ur bbl in miami? I'm going to vanity! November 10 - 13.. READ MORE

Has anyone had a BBL after extended TT?

I had my tt first and now I am going for a bbl.. I know now that I should of done my bbl first and then my tt.. Unfortunately I didnt.. I am just wondering about the skin... READ MORE

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U look great... love the jeans.. READ COMMENT

No I didn't right after sx I was 49 now I'm 47 inches.. but I didn't starve myself. I gained weight back but I am so happy. Thick with a flat tummy! READ COMMENT


Make sure u feed that ASS! U staying with Magdalena? She's gonna feed u good! Good luck! Praying for u! READ COMMENT