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A Nose 25 Years in the Making. Plus 10. - London, UK

I was 10 years old when Andy Hutch-something-or-other (name *not* changed to protect the innocent, I just can't remember it exactly) said he wouldn't be my boyfriend because I had a big nose. It was the first time anyone had ever said anything like that about my nose; indeed it was the first time I'd ever even thought about that thing between my eyes. It was always just sort of...there, ya... READ MORE

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Nose taping after cast removal - how do I get the tape off in the morning without wanting to cry?!

Hello all,My PS has recommended taping my nose each night to help reduce swelling. (I have thick skin and the swelling has been comically bad!) I really do think it's helping... READ MORE

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Ummm...I love ALLTHETHINGS about your review. It's honest, written in English (like, normal people English) and has a bit of personality...bravo!! Debating this surgery myself for outer thighs and lower bum. I'm super active (I'm a... READ COMMENT

Oh holy crap. I haven't signed into this in so long I never ready your comment. I'm so SO sorry for what happened!!! How is it now?! Any better a year later?!? x READ COMMENT

Hi Loopy. Honestly, I did for maybe a week after the bandage came off because that sucker was HUGE! Hahaha. But after that it was really quickly down to smaller than ore-op (if not quite as much as I hoped), and it just kept getting... READ COMMENT

Hey thanks! I really ought to post some more photos... It's settled down quite a bit bough still swells at the weirdest times. Ahh well...I figure it's just punishment for my own vanity. READ COMMENT

Hey you...how;s it all going? Any progress??? H READ COMMENT