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Athletic - 400 Cc Silicone Breast Augmentation - Under the Muscle - Walnut Creek, CA

Very athletic. Started doing Crossfit a year ago and weight lifting caused me to lose a lost of breast volume which made me decide I wanted to get a BA for a more womanly shape. Went from high B to around a D i would guess. 400 cc silicone breast augmentation under the muscle, (incision under the breast) for a natural look. I have an athletic and slender frame at 5'5'' and around 115 lb. I... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Worth Every Penny - Danville, CA

After years of bikini and brazilian waxes I was tired of getting ingrown hair all the time and decided to get laser hair removal. I have done 4 treatments and it has drastically reduced the amount of hair and no more ingrown hairs. I may need 1 or 2 treatments to have all stray hairs gone, but for the most part I'd say there is 75 TO 80% reduction in hair. READ MORE

Lashes Are my Claim to Fame - Danville, CA

Took a few months to see progress but now they are very long and no longer need to wear mascara. People ask if they are real they are so long. When I do wear mascara they look amazing. After the first few months they are long enough where you can go a few days without applying every night. Now that they are long, I'll use every other night. A little goes a long way so I'll use one drop for... READ MORE

Questions from CFcali

If I get Breast Implants and decide to breast feed my children, will I need to have a Breast Implant Revision afterward?

I've read a lot of reviews of women who have had children and breast fed and then got breast augmentation surgery. I have not had children yet. If I get BA before having... READ MORE

I am a competitive athlete, will a breast augmentation affect my body from intense exercise (once fully healed)?

I do high intensity sports, will a breast augmentation affect me from being able to be rough on my body athletically? will I be able to do all forms of exercise (once fully... READ MORE

Does the size of the implant reflect the cost?

The larger the implant used, the higher the price? READ MORE

Are breast implants under the muscle distorted from certain movements during exercise/weight lifting?

Is muscle distortment from exercise permanent after movement or only during the movement? What is normal for the breast during weightlifting movements?I will be going back to... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post Breast Augmentation. My left breast has felt odd, could I have Capsular Contracture or is this side tighter?

My left breast more or less has had a feeling of tightness, moving or not moving I can feel it. Some days I feel fine and others days its more noticeable. It almost feels like... READ MORE

Is it normal to have nerve spasms and pulsating in breast almost a year post-op?

I'm almost a year post-op breast augementation (silicone, under the muscle, 400cc) and the left breast has almost daily nerve twitches. When I stretch it will start to spasm,... READ MORE

Downsizing Breast augmentation to smaller, how much smaller to notice a difference?

I currently have 400 cc making me a 34 DD with a small frame, my chest is too big and looks unnatural. I am considering downsizing too 300 cc or even smaller and am wondering... READ MORE

Breast explantation, will I need a breast lift afterwards or other procedures to make aesthetically nice post-augmentation?

Before my BA I was a high B and with 400cc silicone under the muscle I am a current DD. I want them taken out and am concerned about them aesthetically once removed for a few... READ MORE

Has my left breast implant dropped down? (Photo)

10 days post op from reducing 400cc to 275cc under the muscle. My right side feels great. My left side has pain from mid chest up to collarbone and now looks like the implant... READ MORE

Recent comments from CFcali

I took me a few months before I could do push ups again, to be honest it has never felt normal to me compared to other movements since push ups involve contraction of the chest muscles. I'll still do push ups and yoga but it does feel... READ COMMENT

Actually as of yesterday I'm able to do everything I used to do which is a great feeling and a relief because I was a little worried. Hanging from the bar was uncomfortable for the longest time but as of now I am able to do pull ups,... READ COMMENT

For me personally 400 was my max, I'm very active and wanted a look that I could pull off as natural for my frame while still giving me some curves. I think if you have broad shoulders you can get away with larger size. I think 400 or... READ COMMENT

Thanks! I like the size now that they are starting to get softer and feel more normal. Each week gets better and better. Can't wait for another month or 2 to go by and see how they feel. READ COMMENT

I used arnica and also Bromelain which helps reduce swelling and inflammation after physical stress to the body READ COMMENT