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37 Yr Old Mom of 3. Major Muscle Repair, TT w/ Lipo, & Fat Grafting to Face. Chicago

8 days until my surgery. Have been so swamped trying to get ahead on housework, errands, shopping, and all the other mom stuff that I haven't had too much time to be nervous. My kids are 8, 7, and 14 months. I'm a little worried about the no lifting requirement. Hard to not lift a toddler! I thought about waiting until a better time but it seems like this is my window. I can't imagine it would... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction of Arms - Chicago, IL

Had Vaser liposuction of my upper arms with Dr. Byun in Northbrook (surgery in Chicago). After meeting with a few other surgeons I decided on him because he was the only one who thought I'd be happy with the result without also having a lift. The other doctors worried that I would just end p with smaller, but flabbier, upper arms. However, with the Vaser lipo, the skin contracts. I had 1600 cc... READ MORE

Symmetry at Last! - Chicago, IL

I had my original breast implant surgery to correct asymmetry in 1994. Since then I have additional surgeries (once due to incorrect size and twice due to capsular contracture. Dr. Byun performed my 4th implant exchange. Other doctors had made it so I matched size-wise in a bra and clothes but I'd never matched naked. I didn't think it was even possible to have a breast with an implant look... READ MORE

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Well, I would definitely recommend Dr. Byun to anyone needing to match a natural breast to one with an implant whether due to natural asymmetry or mastectomy. No, my breasts were not tubular. I had a disease as a child which may have... READ COMMENT

Oops, meant to type "what" not why :) READ COMMENT

Glad to hear your swelling is better. Mine really seems to come and go. I know why you mean by the penguin walk! Lol READ COMMENT

I foolishly thought that by using ice and resting I could avoid the swell hell. But no, started yesterday (day 18). I start out the day walking upright and am hunched over again by the end of the day! But, like you said, till worth it!... READ COMMENT

Stupid autocorrect! "As symmetry" should say asymmetry! READ COMMENT