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11 Years Later and They Still Look Fantastic - Victoria, BC

I waited until I was almost 26 to undergo breast augmentation. It was by far one of the best (self-boost) decisions I have made for myself and I clearly chose the best doctor. Dr. Hollis has a great reputation with both patients and the medical community. He is extremely skilled, artistic,... READ MORE

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I agree. You look fantastic! Your new chin projection beautifully balances your face and profile. Those of us with weak, receding chins, tend to have a pouty bottom lip. Our bottom lip rolls downward due to lack of boney support from... READ COMMENT

I wonder if already naturally beautiful women end up being harder on themselves than average. It makes sense since other people would place so much emphasis on a gorgeous person's looks and features that pressure may subconciously build... READ COMMENT

The reason Doctor's don't usually recommend Buccal fat removal along with cheek implants is to avoid the steep step-off affect that can take place at the under-edge of the malar or submalar implants. Buccal fat helps keep the overall... READ COMMENT

Buccal fat pad reduction or removal is for people who complain about having "a baby face," or "chipmunk cheeks," or for people who want more cheek contour (angular, sucked-in cheek look). The buccal fat pads are located lower on the... READ COMMENT

Scar tissue from the capsule(s) your cheek implants created, along with trauma from removal, is perhaps what's making your filler migrate on the one side. I mention this because my lips are like that. My right upper lip vermillion... READ COMMENT