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8 days PO septorhinoplasty I still have hump on nose. Does this mean it was not successful?

Hi doctors, i had a septorhinoplasty (jan 30th) because of nose blocked on one side of the nostrils. doctors also performed a rhinoplasty because i was having a hump on my nose... READ MORE

I had my septoplasty, rhinoplasty (columelloplasty & hump removal). Will the shape change? (Photo)

I had my surgeries 28days before. i can breath a little bit less from the left nose where septoplasty was performed is it normal? and also do i have the perfect shape of nose... READ MORE

I had a septoplasy and rhinoplasty( hump removal & columelloasty) (Photo)

After one month of surgery i can still see a hump and litle bit of crooked nose although my septum is in middle. why it is like this? READ MORE