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I enjoy reading your review. It's very honest and entertaining and you are already very pretty before and very pretty and younger looking after. I'm happy for you. READ COMMENT

Hi Mark, yes, my statement was directed to JRice and meant to support you. I suffer from Hemifascial Spasm aswell btw. I wish you all the best and hope you get better soon! READ COMMENT

I regularly get Botox for Spasms and am very interested in potential health risks from Botox. I just read the kfor article you linked to. It contains a link to one of "Allergan's own internal studies" that you say confirms that Botox... READ COMMENT

You look like you are in your twenties or early thirties! Very good job!!! READ COMMENT

Your skin looks a lot more firm in the after pics. Do you think that's only the flash or did you notice a difference in your skin texture? Can Botox make it better? READ COMMENT