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Getting Anxious Less Than 48 Hrs and Counting... - Long Island, NY

Getting anxious...only less than 48 hrs away...starting worry about everything....from pain and bruising to child care....UHG. And just started my period...caregivers both recovering from the flu or whatever bug it was...thankfully, I'm fine so far, so scared I might catch whatever it is...and pray my kiddos don't, because I won't be able to take care of them...starting to feel guilty... I... READ MORE

Questions from LongBeachFA

When can I drive again after Mommy Makeover?

So I'm 17 days PO, supposed to drive tomorrow for the first time and just don't feel ready. I'm off Percocet about a wk or so...so that's not an issue. I'm just still so very... READ MORE

4 wks PO Mommy Makeover...severe pain getting worse

- left side about 2" below my ribs cage, can pin pt the exact focal pt, but the entire side hurts. Started earlier this wk. I'm hoping it's just a pulled muscle, and not a... READ MORE

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Hi Twins21...I'll start w/the twins they look amazing! Can't even seen the scar - just about! The lipo & TT look fab, but I'm having a severe pain under my rib cage for about 2 wks now...and pain meds aren't really helping, only rest... READ COMMENT

Hi Kimmer25, he said everything looks great and normal...of course I keep panicking..started the lymphatic massages...first one hurt like h*ll, she really "man handled" (pardon the expression) the twins (Fun to say now that they... READ COMMENT

Thx you catnthehat...by bedtime I'm just completely spent, especially mentally... Seem to do much better in the a.m. Hrs...thx God for my travel pillow! I used to ponder if they actually work on an airplane forget the airplane, it has... READ COMMENT

Thx you MVA005 for your kind words...seem to feel better in the mornings...hoping that continues through the day :) READ COMMENT

They told me they'd order me a phase 2 CG....but she said it would be even tighter!?!? I honestly cannot imagine anything tighter...I have cuts where the top of the CG dug into me...hurt worse than the BA! READ COMMENT