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Rhinoplasty to reduce large droopy bulbous tip and hump: No visible improvement and nose appears very crooked

Prior to surgery my nose was rather bulbous. My bridge was straight but had a small hump in the middle. I asked the surgeon to reduce the bulbous tip, lift it and refine the... READ MORE

Crooked painful nose after rhinoplasty: Is it Just Swelling?

I'm three weeks post rhinoplasty and my nose is twisted. Pre op I had a bulbous ,droopy tip and a hump. I asked for my nose to be refined, the hump and tip reduced. My tip... READ MORE

Will my nose straighten out?

I am 4 weeks post rhinoplasty and my nose is bent to the right. The top section appears out of alignment to the middle and the tip is leaning to the left. Is this likely to... READ MORE

5 weeks post rhinoplasty - has my nose deviated or is this just swelling? (Photo)

Will this issue resolve itself or will I require a revision. I am 5 weeks post rhinoplasty op and very concerned! I have added a before and after pic for assessment. READ MORE

Crooked bulbous nose 5 months post rhinoplasty. Should I have a revision? (Photo)

I am now 5 months post op and have a crooked nose, the tip is still bulbous and has also dropped. The deviation was not apparent pre op. I am due to see my surgeon next week... READ MORE