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Amazed at How Natural Restylane Looks in my Once Hollow Tear Troughs.....

While I don’t have orbital hollowness where the actual eye socket is, I was pretty hollow from the top of the orbital rim to my uppermost cheeks. After months of deliberation, research and being depressed over my super dark circles and tear trough hollows, I finally took the plunge with Restylane.In hindsight, I am beyond thrilled with the results now that I’ve had it done, but... READ MORE

It is What It Is...good for Certain "Flaws" and Not for Others - Irvine, CA

I do microdermabrasion monthly as part of my regular skin care regimen. Microdermabrasion has done more for my infrequent pimple breakouts more than any other acne medication or treatments combined. Just exfoliating that top layer of skin makes my face feel smoother, refreshed and cleaner. It is a little drying though, but nothing a little facial moisturizer can't cure. On top of that,... READ MORE

Swollen Lower Eyelids After Botox

First of all, my review isn't about my overall dissatisfaction with Botox, but rather my unhappiness with a side effect of the treatment I'm experiencing. I'm a 26 year old female who received Botox injections almost three weeks ago on my lower eyelids and forehead. I've had Botox several times before this, loved it and never have had any problems. However, this was the first time I've... READ MORE

Questions from sunshine26

Procedure for Volume Loss on Tear Trough or Cheek?

Is there an injectable filler or procedure available that can smooth out or plump up the tear trough demarcation from the upper cheek to the under eye area for younger... READ MORE

15% or 20% TCA Peel Effective for Fine Eye Lines?

I've been using Tazorac for the past two years for very fine lines around my eyes, but I'm looking for slightly more dramatic results. Is a 15% or 20% TCA peel effective for... READ MORE

Fillers or Fat Injections for Upper Cheek Fat Loss?

I'm in my mid twenties, and I've lost some fat in my upper cheeks. Are fillers or fat injections the best option to replace volume in this area in younger patients? If so, what... READ MORE

Alternative Solutions to Fillers for Restoring Facial Volume?

I’m 26 years old, but I feel like my face is falling! I lost weight earlier this year, along with any remaining baby fat in my face, apparently. My cheeks are flat, and... READ MORE

Laser or Peels to Thicken Under Eye Skin?

The skin on my lower eyelids has always been incredibly thin. Would lasers treatment or chemical peels help thicken the skin underneath my eyes, plus have the added benefit of... READ MORE

Where Exactly is Tear Trough Filler Injected?

When correcting a Tear Trough deformity, where is the actual filler placed? I've read some surgeons inject directly under the eye muscle, some along the bony rim, and others on... READ MORE

How is Hollowness on and Below the Orbital Rim Treated?

Everything I have read about tear troughs seems to refer to volumizing the orbital area by placing filler underneath the eye muscle. However, how are patients treated when... READ MORE

Nasolabial Fold or Cheek Deflation?

What is the easiest way to smooth out the nasolabial line by the nose - inject a filler into the fold to smooth it out or plump up lost volume in the cheekbones? I'm in my late... READ MORE

Can Lipo Help with Banana Roll Deformity? (photo)

I'm 5'5, work out 4-5 days a week and have always been active. I’ve developed a banana roll on my right leg–this fat pocket is located on the right upper... READ MORE

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48 units is way too much. i'm in my twenties as well, and I never get more than 12 or 13 units. READ COMMENT

I think i have a "before" pic in one of my prior questions on this website. i think if you click on my name you'll be able to check it out... READ COMMENT

Oh, and BTW....I never had hollows under my eyes until I experienced my Botox drama as detailed above in my review. Whether it's just plain coincidence, aging or whatever, I got serious hollows under both eyes after the puffiness abated... READ COMMENT

Naturefish, it's really hard to tell if my eyes got wrinklier afterwards. I've always had a problem with crepey skin, but I try to keep the aging process at bay w/ a copious usage of retinoids, microdermabrasian and light peels. I... READ COMMENT

Hi Swollen Eye, Curious where your GP actually placed the Restylane...when you say superficial, was it on top of the eye muscle, bony ridge or upper cheek? READ COMMENT