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Facial Biopsy Scar Improvement - Mount Kisco, NY

I had a biopsy done by a plastic surgeon in the center of my cheek , he said he was going to 'scrape it' well, I ended up with a visible mini crater, and all for nothing. I should have gone to my 'out of pocket' plastic surgeon, but I didn't realize it was going to leave a hole in my face and no one suggested ..'just pay for it yourself to get the best results. HEY I would have if I'd been... READ MORE

64 ,arm Lift 3 Days Ago - Mount Kisco, NY

So... My grandmother arms that I had.. didn't match my face or my lifestyle. I have gained and lost weight over the years but the most was 50 pounds when I was around 59.. so I was surprised that they were as droopy as they were ..but I've never been an excercisor.. so maybe that's why. Anyhow. I had confidence in a plastic surgeon ..having used him when I was 56 .. so I did't have the... READ MORE

I Have a Question Please.. Re Aftercare?? Pixel/IPL Together Same Visit

In 2006 I had a full face resurfacing in Czechoslovakia uder general anesthesia. Everything was smooth as silk. I had 4 days dripping and healing.. and on day 5 you would not believe my skin . 56 yrs old, no makeup.. you'd be amazed. I have great photos. I have no idea why we are all being recommended to go through visit after visit after visit with so much down time each time.. maybe no... READ MORE

Questions from nygemgoddess

I have lumps and bulge after Arm Lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I had arm lift June 23. My results R fairly satisfying but I have 3 concerns & I'd like independent advice 1. I have raised little lump of skin. I can't imagine this... READ MORE

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Anyone who reads this, should read extensively about lifestyle lift..especially the numerous entries from people who have worked for them.. IF this is a bona fide posting, she is a dramatic exception and you should find that out on... READ COMMENT

If interested, look up under CLEOPATRA READ COMMENT

There are many LifeStyle Lift survivors who have NOT found this board for support. Back in 2oo6, there was no info to be found. What a pity. tried to do research, but took a chance instead. Our experiences were posted immediately..... READ COMMENT

WOW WOWWWWWWWWWWWW You have the best result of any before and afters I have seen !!! simply awesome ! Mine do NOT look like that ! CONGRATULATIONS..Way to go girl..! READ COMMENT

Yeah ! sore night sleeping.. but I am doing everything i usually do, but not lifting over 10 pounds, and being careful in bed stretching for things.. No compression sleeves, never mentioned.. I never asked glad, hot in NY , my... READ COMMENT