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Questions from SRoyar

Considering Fraxel: Will taking a vitamin A supplement carry the same risk as with Accutane?

I have been taking Skin Accumax vitamin supplements. Ingredients are 1333 IU Vitamin A as Retinyl Palmitate, plus Vitamin C, Vitamin E. I am considering Fraxel and wanted to... READ MORE

What is an effective method for removing small scars on the face with minimal downtime?

I have a few small scars on my face that I would like revised. Is it worth fraxel or any laser for a few scars, and if so, can I have it done only on the scars themselves and... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase swelling or product remaining?

About 2 months ago, I had restylane placed in the side of my nose and behind the tip. About a month in, I was unhappy with the results and had hyaluronidase. After 1 injection,... READ MORE

Restylane removal from nose.

I had Restylane to one side of my nose and bridge and a small amount behind the tip on the other side. I am in the in process of having it removed and have had a few injections... READ MORE

Had Vitrase injected 2 weeks ago and nose still swollen. How long is normal?

I had Vitrase to remove restylane in my nose two weeks ago. The doc injected my nose several times in one session, and I'm well aware that this caused trauma, but the swelling... READ MORE

Vitrase skin damage. Will my skin ever recover?

I had several vitrase injections to remove restylane in my nose. The skin completely degraded as a result and its now months later with little to no improvement. My once smooth... READ MORE