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Questions from Shopper7

Touch up lipo on lower back flanks and bra rolls. Is it fair for the surgery center to charge me?

I had lipo on lower back flanks and bra rolls just 6 mos ago, so I go to my doc last week for the touch- up, all under local he said under locks would be no charge, but as he... READ MORE

Is it better to get Restylane done by a cosmetic surgeon in a derm office or by a plastic surgeon?

I have some lines starting around my mouth and want to take of it before they get deeper? Better for cosmetic surgeon to do this in derm office or by plastic surgeon? READ MORE

What is the best procedure for fixing my Jowls, chin, neck and overall skin-tightening?

What is the best for the above? What is most popular and lasts the longest? Ultherpy, smart lipo? READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo or CooLSculpting? Do They Work and Where Does the Fat Go?

What's better to get rid of fat- tumescent lipo or coolscupting ? Does this really work? Where does the fat go? Does it tighten the areas ? Who should do this dermatogly office... READ MORE

Coolsculpting, vanquish fat removal or tumescent lipo?

What are the best results in terms of getting tighter flat tummy, lower back flanks smoother and no bra rolls with fat hanging out alittle bit READ MORE

Which non- invasive procedures on the market today are effective for tightening and flattening areas of the body?

Which non- invasive procedures on the market today are good and u get the best results for flatter/tighter abdomen / bra rolls/ lower back flanks to have a smoother look , I... READ MORE

With so many non- invasive procedures out there on the market today, which is the best for getting rid of fat permanently?

Non- invasive procedures/ cool lipo , coolsculpting , vanquish fat removal , liposnix? To give a tighter flatter abdomen/ lower back flanks/bra rolls to smooth things... READ MORE

After permanent fat removal, should I use cooling device or heating devices?

I need a true statement I don't know what to do- I had tumescent lipo 6 mos ago, still not happy w/ results, so was going to try a non- invasive treatment but I'm afraid I... READ MORE

Where can I find a doctor for Coolsculpting and vanquish?

Who in the Rockville/ bethesda area do these procedures? READ MORE

What is a Coolsculpting alternative?

I was told I am not a good candidate for coolsculpting b/c I have no laxity to my skin, my skin is hard, what other options do I have for non- invasive treatments? READ MORE

Does Quicklift give good results?

Does the quicklift give u good results in a treatment like that or what is the best non- invasive procedure is good for the double chin and lasting results READ MORE


I was told I was not a good candidate for coolsculpting , b/c my skin on my abdomen was hard/ tight, so he suggested either liposnix or vanquish, which procedure is best for... READ MORE

Tumscent lipo or vanquish?

If u want to see quick results on abdomen/ lower back flanks/ and bra rolls, which procedure would u recommend to see a more contoured shape for your body? READ MORE

Restlyne or juvederm or radiesse for marionette lines?

I recently went to dermatologist who does injectable fillers, and told me if I got 1ml( marionettes) and 2ml- restalyane for folds ( marionettes) it would give me a lift In my... READ MORE

Tumscent liposuction: Is it Safe to Have a Touch-up?

I had 7 mos ago lipo on my abdomen/lower back flanks/ and bra rolls and I'm still not happy, so I'm going back in for a touch up on those areas under general , is it safe to go... READ MORE

How long is recovery after tumescent lipo?

I had a touch up yesterday on my flanks/ bra rolls and some abdomen, how long is recovery , when can u bathe , my throat hurts, I was put under general READ MORE

How long after tumescent lipo will I be out of commission?

How long before swelling goes down, how long are u out of comission, when can u go back to work/ exercise/ and have intimacy again with your husband ? READ MORE

How long does it take for soreness and swelling to go away after Tumescent lipo?

I just had touch- up lipo on my whole back/ lower flanks/ bra rolls, just 3 days ago, I'm so sore that I can't get comfortable at nite to sleep, how long does that soreness... READ MORE

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Cool sculpting

I live in Rockville MD , what doctors in my area do Venus freeze ? What's the difference between Venus freeze and coolsculpting? READ MORE


I wanted to know first how long has coolsculpting been out on the market, I had tumscent lipo done 7 mos ago and I'm still not happy, my lower back flanks pucker out( I want... READ MORE

Restalyne or juvederm

For marionettes/ and lines around mouth, which gives the longest results , and does it give u alittle lift in the face READ MORE

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Who in the Rockville /Gaithersburg area do vanquish? READ COMMENT