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Reviews by Carolina's

Low Brows & Sagging Eyelid Skin - Charlotte, NC

I have been wanting this fixed for a long time. I feel my body & face look young for my age but my eyes but my eyes ruin this. I had been told over a year ago that my brows are low. This year it's worse & it's awful applying eyeshadow to wrinkled eyelids. I always look tired or down. I'm... READ MORE

Happy with More Youthful Face - Charlotte, NC

From the time I called for appt until I walked out of the office I was pleased with Dr. Kulbersh. My results are better than I'd hoped for. The botox and fillers are perfect. I have been to 2 other prominent facial plastics dr in Charlotte and was very unhappy with results. I won't take... READ MORE

Butt implants & lift

I just wanted 2 things... to look good in a thong, swim suite & to have a smooth nice even shape but nothing out of porportion, just nice lines for a fitted dress, formal fitted gowns & tighter clothing. This is the reason I chose to pay so much for a lift. I hear most 5'5' 118 pound Girls get... READ MORE

Questions from Carolina's

Can upper bleph help my eyelids?

I only wanted the skin gone on my eyelids removed . I had no crows feet or forehead wrinkles. Dr said I needed brow lift & that would help more . Now I'm left with eyebrows in... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to make my face have the same shape it did before filler? (photos)

I was having something done to eyes & I had little laugh lines so dr said he could fix. I had only had a little filler twice b4 in Ga since I turned 43. I liked my profile & my... READ MORE

What is this weird ugly Indention over brow & why is there no raise after brow lift to help sagging upper eyelid skin? (Photo)

What do I have dent over brow for & why after 5 separate incisions & $5900 later are my brows not symmetrical or at least raised? (And lids are just as saggy and wrinkled as b4... READ MORE

Why do I have such severe pain behind left endotine a month after brow lift?

This week I have literally screamed out in pain if I lay down on my left side, bend over to pick something up or just move certain ways. It is directly behind the left endotine... READ MORE

Recent comments from Carolina's

Watch out for sagging & of u r lean it remember your guy can feel them. Sux of u r n new relationship to not want them to grab your butt . Mine r painful & ive had 3 revisions . I lost my athletic build somewhat having to lay... READ COMMENT

Last summer when I had first surgey I was so excited to look good for summer now one year later and I'm going to hide again. Summer b4 that I liked my butt in shorts & dress . I thought this would look great to have lift &... READ COMMENT

Excuse typos . I will try to show pics and explain my experience within a few days. I've just been too discouraged to. My family & bf can't believe I paid for this. B4 this I at lest looked good in fitted clothing. READ COMMENT

I'm not happy with having to avoid wearing fitted dresses or swimsuit . I think I needed oval Imolants & if one side is smaller I think he should have used 2 diff sizes. I wil show pics in just too unhappy at this point . It's... READ COMMENT

No I look bad! Not happy at all READ COMMENT