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Laser Treatment

28 Apr 2017, Created 2 months ago

Elizabeth F. Rostan, MD

1 out of 5 stars

After 3 laser treatments with LeAnn I saw no change. $1800 and then told would need more when at first 3. No change so why would I keep wasting money. was supposed to help a little each time and be clear by now. Total waste of money and time . Plus I paid for their rewards program paid $600 last time and still nothing. No change whatsoever. READ MORE

Doctor Review

Balding where awful scars are sides of head and top

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Brow Lift

8 Dec 2016, Created 6 months ago

M. Sean Freeman, MD

1 out of 5 stars

If I could leave zero stars I would! Dr Sean Michael Freeman ruined my eyes and my hair. The scars are so large and he did so much damage I have bald places over both ears and on top. He also removed too much fat one side and left me with u uneven brows! READ MORE

Wanted a Lifted Nice Even Shape in Swimsuit, Thong, Fitted Clothes - Huntersville, NC

I had butt lift and implants one year ago and a revision in October and Another revision again this April. I want to take the time to express what I have gone through so that I may help others considering having this done. I do not think that many have butt lift and implants at same time. I am 5'5" 113 pounds. READ MORE

Happy with More Youthful Face - Charlotte, NC

From the time I called for appt until I walked out of the office I was pleased with Dr. Kulbersh. My results are better than I'd hoped for. The botox and fillers are perfect. I have been to 2 other prominent facial plastics dr in Charlotte and was very unhappy with results. I won't take chances again with my face with anyone else now! I have tried others and I'm 100 percent sure now that... READ MORE

Low Brows & Sagging Eyelid Skin - Charlotte, NC

I have been wanting this fixed for a long time. I feel my body & face look young for my age but my eyes but my eyes ruin this. I had been told over a year ago that my brows are low. This year it's worse & it's awful applying eyeshadow to wrinkled eyelids. I always look tired or down. I'm expecting a rejuvenated look & hopefully nice eyelid area & raised brow. I'm having a brow lift & dr... READ MORE

Questions from Rs96

Can upper bleph help my eyelids?

I only wanted the skin gone on my eyelids removed . I had no crows feet or forehead wrinkles. Dr said I needed brow lift & that would help more . Now I'm left with eyebrows in... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to make my face have the same shape it did before filler? (photos)

I was having something done to eyes & I had little laugh lines so dr said he could fix. I had only had a little filler twice b4 in Ga since I turned 43. I liked my profile & my... READ MORE

What is this weird ugly Indention over brow & why is there no raise after brow lift to help sagging upper eyelid skin? (Photo)

What do I have dent over brow for & why after 5 separate incisions & $5900 later are my brows not symmetrical or at least raised? (And lids are just as saggy and wrinkled as b4... READ MORE

Why do I have such severe pain behind left endotine a month after brow lift?

This week I have literally screamed out in pain if I lay down on my left side, bend over to pick something up or just move certain ways. It is directly behind the left endotine... READ MORE

Getting blisters. I can't wear pants. I've kept moist and cool but it hurts and looks awful! What do I do? Why is this? (Photo)

On my 4th treatment my experienced laser tech had quit and I was set up with a new girl. I was upset paying $8000 for treatments and having the new girl since I had only gone... READ MORE

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I would love to see pics of this. I do not believe this is a real patient. I feel this could be another of his own made up reviews to cover the bad ones. READ COMMENT

Do not got to Sean Freeman! He has ruined me!! I don't want this to happen anyone else! READ COMMENT

Oh and I had some that didn't fit at all. I ask for credit since I'm paying so much yet something is definitely not right. READ COMMENT

Wow are u in Charlotte nc. I'm so mad. I was in last tray number 16 and I knew they weren't tracking right last 2 visits but the girl never got the dentist for me she just said I may need last 3 refinement , well as I told her my... READ COMMENT