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After explantation and paying for a lift, my breasts look deformed: What recourse do I have, I am emotionally drained? (Photo)

I look so torn apart and the bottom half under the highly replaced nipple, the bottom half is deflated, and the vertical was squeezed tight making a cone look-- I am now 3... READ MORE

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Hi- DWM is the name to search, her profile and information has been helpful :) READ COMMENT

Hello ladies! Yes- totally read all comments- such a positive site, this is!! Depending on the type of implant- they may pay for removal- read my comments and also DWM So many great courageous women and encouragement- so good to be... READ COMMENT

The nerves and scar tissue will act up for a while- keep the breasts still with a sports bra- day and night for a few weeks- once incisions are healed (2-3 weeks) you can massage with vitamin E pure oil. But check with yr PS:) READ COMMENT

Be kind and patient with yourself, time will help to heal- once over with- celebrate your new natural healthy self !:) READ COMMENT

Thank you fruit girl!! It is all worth it- I too have become so connected to a natural pathic lifestyle- once you resolve to have these out- you will obtain the strength!! And we are here to support you . My body is healing- the body... READ COMMENT