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Hello , it's been a week since I did my dermabrasion , my face is red with some bruises. I can see my scares like i did nothing may be with slight improvements on forehead , to be frank I'm not impressed with results so far , hopefully... READ COMMENT

Hello Muncy How do u feel now after have dermabrasion . I had dermabrasion 2 days ago I'm still waiting to heal it is terrible . READ COMMENT

Thank you kimmie So how do you feel how much did u need to go in public ? I have 10 days off from work would that be enough ? In general , do you think it is worth it READ COMMENT

Kimmie My question is : would u encourage me to do dermabrasion ? What improvement i should expect? thank you.....feel better READ COMMENT

Hello im planning to have dermabrasion this week but im not really sure hoe effective it gonna be with me. i have white skin and tried laser 2X didnt work . I'?? READ COMMENT