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Trim labiaplasty, stitches split, wound separation!

I'm 8 days post opt and left side as split open and is healing like that, if I choose to not get it revised after it heals will I still be able to function normally and have sex? READ MORE

Trim labiaplasty wound dehiscence: How long before it heals?

I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I had some wound dehiscence start 8 days post op on the left side and my dr said it would close on it's own and be healed in a week. But it's not... READ MORE

Labiaplasty 2 months post op: Prolonged/delayed healing

I thought for sure I would be able to have sex by now my dr said I would be able to at 4 wk but I had some wound dehiscence, mostly healed now (90%) but I'm still very sore &... READ MORE

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Has it healed? If so how long did it take? If not how far along are you? Mine split open too on day 8 post op. I'm now on week 3 and it still hasn't healed. :/ Soo scared and sad I'm getting married in 5 weeks... READ COMMENT

You do look normal!! Atleast from the pictures! READ COMMENT

Well I'm sorry to hear it doesn't function anymore that has to be difficult... But appearance wise it doesn't seem to look very burned it just looks like a young tight vagina which is what a lot of people want! It looks good! I don't... READ COMMENT

I actually wanted my surgeon to remove my labia minora completely and he didn't want to remove it all at first but he pretty much did when I kept pushing for it! READ COMMENT

Honestly I wish mine looked like yours.. It doesn't look bad at all! Some girls would kill to look like that! What you have sounds more like body dysmorphic disorder look it up, it might be hard to admit but I'm pretty sure that's what... READ COMMENT