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66 Year Old Male with Excess Skin......LOTS of Excess Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Sohn had done a mini face lift (a previous review) and I was totally thrilled with the results. Next I was gonna do a fat transfer just to fill things out. I changed my mind and went for the Extended Tummy Tuck. At first he kinda thought I didn't need it till I took my shirt off and saw what I was hiding under my shirts. We talked about it and I needed time to really come to terms. Dr.... READ MORE

65 and I Was Showing It..... and Dr. Sohn Reversed a Lot of It! - Henderson, NV

I debated back and forth about the money. But eventually the fact that I'll never see 65 again convinced me to do it. On a side note, I had also lost some weight which added to the loose skin on my face. I really can't say enough good about Dr. Sohn MD and Amy, in fact all the staff at Haskins and Sohn. We did the procedure in house and everything went smoothly. I would like to reassure you,... READ MORE

Questions from craig89134

I am 68 and interested in surgery for Gynecomastia. This is in conjunction with some 45lb weight loss a couple years ago.

I am 5'5" 143 and my previous TT healed nicely. One Dr feels I will have some loose skin. Is there a way to raise my areoles and tighten the skin so my boobs don't look too... READ MORE

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Sorry to hear of your issues. I also had an extended face lift in office under twilight. It was explained to me what would be done and well.... I'm a realist. I wasn't over expecting grand results. I do know that until the healing is... READ COMMENT

Good luck, it's really a walk in the park..... kinda. From the only pic it's hard to tell if it's rather average. My Dr. told me to pay attention as he grabbed a handful of boob and pointed out where the gland area was and the fatty... READ COMMENT

OMG! Just , just keep it up READ COMMENT

Well thank you, that picture was about 6 weeks post and still somewhat swollen. Things have settled down. That was just a lower and well I've left a little room for an upper sometime down the road. We'll see but, just happy it turned... READ COMMENT

Good to hear you went ahead with the ex-tt. Mine was back in May 2014 and I'm still healing. I'm in Colorado skiing and still swelling, basically in my new belly button region. Last night (after a long ski day) it really acted up. But... READ COMMENT