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Fraxel Restore Forehead Treatment

I had a fraxel restore treatment on my forehead over a month ago, and although the redness faded after a week, i still have that brown tan color left over from the laser. how long does this discoloration usually last for?How long does this discoloration usually last for? READ MORE

Restylane in Forehead Looks "Worm-like" - Garden City, NY

Help! I had restylane injected into my forehead and it looks almost "worm-like" now. it bothers me so much and i really want to remove it.i heard you can inject Hyaluronidase to dissolve it, but how much does that cost and how many times do you have to do it in order for it to be fully dissovled? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! im devastated! READ MORE

Questions from rlc92

Fraxel Repair or Restore for Acne Scars on Young Skin?

I am a 19-year-old girl with pretty good skin and a few acne scars. I have a small pock mark on my cheek and a boxcar acne mark on my head. I also have a surgical scar on my... READ MORE

Can Bleeding Gums Cause Teeth Stain?

After I floss my teeth, sometimes I bleed and it gets onto my teeth. Can blood stain my teeth? READ MORE

Best Laser to Get Rid of Superficial Acne Scars on Face?

I have a very superficial acne scar on my forehead but it's visible to the eye. Which laser is best for this problem? I feel that Fraxel will be too invasive. Please help. READ MORE

How Many Star Lux Treatments is Required to Repair Superficial Acne Scar?

How many treatments of Star Lux 1540 for a small acne scar on my forehead? I have a very superficial acne scar on my forehead and I am going to use the Starlux 1540 Fractional... READ MORE

Very Shiny Skin After Fraxel Restore - Is This Normal?

Is it normal that i have a very shinny area after fraxel restore laser? does this mean i should stop with my treatments and i reached maximum results? it looks liek very shinny... READ MORE