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(Breast fat transfer) Would 600cc per breast be too much to inject? (photo)

(1,200 cc in total) I'm assuming that's a little over 3lbs. I wanted to get as much fat injected as possible since I am aware that only half the adipose cells injected will... READ MORE

Brava system for breast fat transfer - How much fat would survive? (Photo)

I am well aware that the Brava system helps fat grafting my expanding and helps promote blood flow but my question is this.. How much fat would survive if I did not use the... READ MORE

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There are so many people on this thread looking to scam others, promoting their rhs but then when you go on their page all you see are comments about "go stay at this rh"... please ladies, click on profiles before you take anyone's... READ COMMENT

Gnc brand? I think I'm going to try it. READ COMMENT

Well idk how you feel about birth control but I got on deposit July 27th and I've gained 4 lbs to date. I never gained weight on depo before but I just switched back to it and I'm on high hormone depo (which I wasn't before) also,... READ COMMENT

I plan on going to fisher next summer. Smile doll, I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end. READ COMMENT