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Excision of deep stretch marks on buttocks on a thin person? Best cellulite treatment recommendation... (photos)

The only solution for mature stretch marks is excision. Docs suggest a buttock lift to remove the marks, but warn the surgery also leaves a visible scar. Would I be a good... READ MORE

Referrals for a rhinoplasty surgeon specializing in reducing long nose.

I've had rhinoplasty previously but am still not happy with the length/projection of my nose, bulbous nature of the tip, and size of nostrils. Any suggestions for doctors... READ MORE

Need your suggestions for rhinoplasty surgeons specializing in long and bulbous noses. (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty previously and am still not happy with the length, projection, and bulbous tip. Who are your top picks? Also should I get double jaw surgery before or after... READ MORE

Possible to get double jaw surgery and jaw implant at the same time? (Photo)

I will be getting double jaw surgery+ genioplasty to correct my long face, protruding mouth, and receding chin. However, I still want a wider face...I'm not a fan of the... READ MORE

Suggestions for experts in customized cheek and jaw implants around Northeast? (Photo)

Need your opinion for your pick of experts on facial implants. I want to do this right the first time. Thanks:) READ MORE

How much does anal bleaching by a doctor cost?

Hi, I'm a 28 yr old Hispanic and really just to even out my discoloration. Would a laser or peel be needed? And approximately how many sessions would be needed ballpark. Also... READ MORE

What treatment do I need for volume loss under eyes and sagging cheeks?

After I turned 25 I noticed significant volume loss/hollowing of the eye (not concerned with the dark circles) and the appearance that my cheeks have suddenly dropped. Is there... READ MORE

Will TCA peel and/ or ablative Fraxel help with my large pores and acne scars? (Photo)

Specially which treatments (lasers/peels) can help erase these scars and pores. And approximately what would it cost? READ MORE

What is the future of 3D printers in elective plastic surgery?

I've heard a lot about 3D printers making ears, noses, and apparently in the very near future skin (for cosmetic firms). While almost all of these are in early phases and... READ MORE

When will Revance (topical botox) be available in the US?

I've read many articles In 13' and 14' saying that Revance was on the latter end of FDA clearance and should be available sometime last year...but it still isn't. How long are... READ MORE

Am I candidate for excision of stretch marks? (photos)

I'm 29, 120 lbs, and 5'6. I have had very deep strechmarks on the sides of my buttocks since puberty. Can they be excised. READ MORE

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All you need to do is buy and apply 10% Lidocaine. Leave it on for 30 min and then wash off with water and then apply a toner to strip face of all oils. Then apply TCA and leave on for 5 min... The lidocaine reduces the sting... READ COMMENT

These pictures are fake, I've seen them on numerous websites advertising corboxytherapy. READ COMMENT