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58 Yr Old and Finally Got my TT !, NO PAIN - London, ON

Well finally got My full TT and my face revision ,5 hr operation , I had a drain and pain pill s took pills for 2 days all that was needed , drain took out 6 th day ,haven't seen my belly yet but doc said it is really flat , I m sleeping on electric lazy boy so I'm not using muscles , I'm doing GREAT ! Really no pain to cry about or anything I can walk around ,doc said to walk straight or I'll... READ MORE

58 Yrs Old - London, Ontario// Dr Brian Evans in London , Ontario

Saw my wrinkled face in the van mirror in the bright sunlight with my winter toque on by did I look old . the out come is still undecided as im not happy with the neck lift saggying on one side/ the surgery was 8 hrs . I didn't feel any thing . when I was sent home one hour after recovery , I want feeling any pain , I thought the tightness was from the bandage it wasn't it was from the neck... READ MORE

Questions from Maria's

My skin is still loose under one side of my jaw. What are my options for a revision Facelift?

Surgery was dec16, 2014 face and neck lift. My neck on one side is loose just under my jaw it's very noticeable. Dr mentioned a revision by cutting around the ear again. I'm... READ MORE

Any ideas about this lump as to what is going on please? (photo)

Dec16/ 2013 smas facelift and neck the kind like a corset . its sore on this side and when I bend down it hurts as well . I don't know if dr didn't pull tight enough or if this... READ MORE

Is the skin still loose after a full Tummy Tuck at 58 yrs old?

My dr said my tummy skin wont be that tight it will still be loose because of my age .this will be a full tummy tuck ,and will he have to move belly button ? he said there will... READ MORE

Does the belly button always need to be cut as well to fix loose skin at the top for a full Tummy Tuck?

Im getting full tummy tuck , does the belly button need to be cut as well in order to fix loose skin at top READ MORE

Are there any pics after full TT with a vertical incision above the belly? Will the scar show much after healing?

Will the vertical scar from above the belly button after full tt show very much after healing READ MORE

When does the bandage come off after a full TT?

I just had full TT the drain was taken out on 6th day it had 20cc of fluid in it . but intern didnt take bandage off so i cant bath yet either . when or should the bandage been... READ MORE

Can I go back to heavy lifting and leaning on my stomach after full Tummy Tuck? (Aug 10)

Im still sore to touch . dont know if i can do my maching work yet ? i need to use much muscle and climbing and leaning on belly also heavy lifting /do you think 8 weeks off is... READ MORE

I had a Face Lift with muscle and neck lift on Dec 16, 2013. Why do I still have this loose skin on my neck? (photos)

Can the small chin incision under chin be reopened to fix this loose skin under neck . i had neck and face lift dec 16>2013 and just had a revision with lipo Aug 10 >2014... READ MORE

Will botox tighten up my loose neck on one side?

Had full face and neck lift dec 2013 then just had revision aug 2014 with lipo and cut around my ears and i still have a loose neck on one side . thats what i had the revision... READ MORE

Backaches after tummy tuck. Did the tightening of the stomach muscles cause this?

It s been 10 weeks p/o full tummy tuck > why does my back hurt so bad > if i sit or lay and when i walk it dont matter what i do i cant get rid of this sore back > did... READ MORE

I have loose skin after a full Tummy Tuck. Is this normal? (photos)

I weigh 135 im 5..2 i had a FULL TT Aug10 // 2014 Two questions >> is this normal to have all this loose skin .. im still a little swollen and a bit sore to sneeze .. when this... READ MORE

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Wow you look really good so soon .. do you mind sharing your age .. your lips look great as well READ COMMENT

Wow your doc is amazing .. you look 100 yrs younger .. wow what a difference .. sounds like a nice place to recover at as well ... READ COMMENT

You look great ,, excellent improvement especially the jowls .... gone .. what a big difference READ COMMENT

Thank you sooooooooooooo much READ COMMENT

Any before pics READ COMMENT