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Can chin implant solve my problem? (photo)

I have a small weak chin. And my upper lip is short so it's hard for me to close my mouth. I had an orthodontic treatment before for about 5 years. But now, i have an open bite... READ MORE

I have an asymmetric smile. How can i fix it? (photo)

I already had braces. I have a short upper lip and i can't close my mouth properly. I have a gummy smile but it's also asymmetrical. I don't want a jaw surgery cause i'll have... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; a Jaw surgery or genioplasty? (photos)

Hello. My orthodontist said i need a double jaw surgery. I have an open bite and i can't close my lips properly. But double jaw surgery really scares me and it's so expensive... READ MORE

Can Genioplasty improve my look? (photos)

Well i know i have issues with my jaw. It's clear that they're not in right position. But my ortho said my bite can be fixed with braces. Then only problem in here is my look... READ MORE

Septum deviation after jaw surgery

I used to have a symmetrical nose and no problems with breathing. I had jaw surgery 2 weeks ago and my upper jaw impacted 5 mm. Now i can't breathe through my left nostril and... READ MORE

Do I need another jaw surgery? (photos)

I had double jaw surgery 2 months ago. No genioplasty. I like my new smile but i can't say the same for my new profile and chin. It's like my chin is longer and my jaw is still... READ MORE