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54 yrs. young, Breast Lift W/ Mentor 475 HP Smooth Unders....After 150 Pound Weight Loss. - Staten Island, NY

I appreciate the skill of my doctor as I just had my eyes, face and neck lifted. Last year I did my tummy tuck and next is new girls. I am excited to have it done in time for the summer. I love wearing tank tops. I lost 150 pounds 3 years ago and had 3 sons that sucked the life out of my boobs so they hang low. I am 5 7" and 175 pounds. I am trying to take off 10 pounds before surgery mid... READ MORE

53, Fat Transfer to Cheeks with Face and Neck Lift, Upper eyes done too- Staten Island, NY

I can only tell you to do your research on your doctors background on fat transfer. Ask where he learned it? How many ft has he done and does he have pictures to show you? I am very happy with dr. Decorato from ny. He was great with me before and spent time with all my concerns. My price was a package that included my face and neck lift along with the fat transfer. I was put out for the... READ MORE

54 yrs. young, 150 lb. weight loss, SMAS Mid Facelift, Neck/Chin Lift, Eye Lids, Cheek Fat Transfer

I am so blessed the surgery is over. Recovery is going really well and today is lucky day 13 from surgery. I am getting stronger each day. I read so many stories on this site....thank you to everyone who takes the time to update us. I will share more as I learn more. I will attach pictures for you to see too. Have a good day! 2 weeks prior leading up to surgery: Washed and moisturizer on... READ MORE

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Can you share about the importance of exfoliating and moisturizing the skin each day?

What products and protocols do you suggest for 17 day post op face, neck and eye lift? I am using mild soap and Vaseline on my face and it still very dry. I stopped taking my... READ MORE

Should I put arnica gel on my breasts before lift and implants to reduce bruises?

I am going for surgery next Tuesday and started oral arnica and bromeline...wondering if I should start the gel on my breasts? Thank you! READ MORE

Is it safe to exercise with 5 pound weights for my arms and upper pec area after Breast Lift with Implants? (photos)

I am 54, healthy and 6 weeks post op from a lift with mentor silicone 475 implants under muscle at the same time. I am happy with my results and healing great. I want to work... READ MORE

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Yes under local. I pushed it back until February 24. We had a bad storm so we canceled. He is basically redoing the smas and lifting me tighter so the scar on my chin and neck doesn't sag anymore. I think the drain caused this issue. My... READ COMMENT

You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing all your updates. I'm going for a revision on Tuesday and needed to see a good result. All the best on the new looks! READ COMMENT

You look fantastic! A year goes by so fast. Im so glad you are happy. For the most part I'm happy too. I'm going in for a scar revision on Tuesday and my doctor is going to make my neck and cheeks tighter too. I can't believe I'm doing... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. I'm very blessed to have a great doctor with skill of an artist. All the best to you! READ COMMENT

You are welcome. I wish you happy healing. Please come back and update me. Go on utube and watch makeup how to videos ....I live by them. READ COMMENT