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Is it true that the more you get non-surgical rhinoplasty done, the less you need to repeat it?

I.e. not all of the filler gets reabsorbed? I've read about this, and wonder if it's true. Would love to hear from people who've had this done / or personally know someone... READ MORE

Can you be too thin for fat transfer to breast?

I understand the number of fat cells you have is constant. But can you still be too thin for fat transfer to breast? Also, what is the maximum amount of fat that can be grafted... READ MORE

Is Brava a must before breast fat transfer and if I have never been pregnant for optimal results?

How can I tell whether my recipient site (breasts) will be pliable enough for fat transfer without Brava? Thanks. READ MORE

What is the best way to deal with mildly depressed acne scars?

Dermarolling seems to work pretty well, but can it be enhanced with other adjunctive procedure(s)? Is it true that once you have depressed scars, the skin can never become... READ MORE

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Thank you so much! READ COMMENT

Hi, Read4next42! I was wondering i the swelling from your rhinoplasty is coming down? Did you have an alar base reduction + hump shaved down? You look great! READ COMMENT

Hi! Happy you got the results you wanted through revision rhinoplasty! Is it possible to PM me the name of your first surgeon? I'm also thinking of undergoing Asian rhinoplasty. Thank you so much! :) READ COMMENT