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29 Year Old Momma with Much Needed MM!! - Moline, IL

I have two beautiful babies (8,6). I used to be in the military and had two normal pregnancies with two very large babies! (10lbs, both came 3 weeks early) I planned to have this done once before but then left suddenly for a Deployment. I am eager to get this procedure done. Thankfully I have a SUPER supportive husband who know how important this is. I am new to this community and know only... READ MORE

Questions from Cunninla

Am I a good candidate for a mommy make over? (photo)

I have an initial consultation on Jan. 24. I've had two 10lb babies (06 & 07) and at my highest weight I was 210 lbs. I committed to getting down to 150 pounds and keep it off... READ MORE

How soon after MM can I fly on a plane?

I am 29, non-smoker, with no health concerns. (I do have asthma which I take advair for, and is very well controlled) I am having a MM on Feb 25th, and I am wondering if it is... READ MORE

Is a pain pump really necessary?

I went and did my initial consultation with my PS. He's great and took the time to answer every question. I got the estimate on my way out the door. One thing I noticed was... READ MORE

Choosing a breast size: What is best for me? (Photo)

I want to be just a little larger than proportional. I'm having a TT with BA. I've chosen 550cc saline. (Maybe) It was so fun to have boobies! I didn't want to take them off!... READ MORE

Should I have a lift? My PS thinks I should (Photo)

I want to look large but not "FAKE". I've had to BIG beautiful babies that I breast fed. My PS has agreed to my request to NOT do a lift. Just the TT and We are doing under the... READ MORE

Late menstral cycle after Mommy Makeover

I had a Mommy Makeover (TT with Muscle repair, BA) on April 22. 3.5 weeks ago. I was supposed to start my period 7 days ago. Is it normal for my period to be late post op? Also... READ MORE

I am 6.5 months PO from Mommy Makeover. After exercise I experience major swelling after and I'm wondering, is this normal?

I am generally very satisfied with my MM results. I do still experience different degrees of swelling after even very light exercise. I have a roll over the top of my TT scar... READ MORE

Will my gums ever look normal after implant process? (photos)

After 1 year, I've finally completed my implant process on my front tooth. (Yay!!!) Will my gums grow down over the crown? Or am I doomed to have this HUGE front tooth that is... READ MORE

Recent comments from Cunninla

Aww! Don't be nervous! I felt the same way, kind of a lady minute panic! But it will all be worth it. I do still have some pain. Today is my 4 week point. While I am uncomfortable, the pain is starting to improve. A little each day. I... READ COMMENT

No problem! If anything comes up or you have more questions let me know. :-) READ COMMENT

I did mine the day of. :-) I wish terribly that I had someone that had been a patient of Dr. Eckhardt's. You have me :-) and I'm 8 weeks ahead of you so we will be pals. Start posting pictures and asking questions. Trust me, you'll be... READ COMMENT

They shave the top part of your vagina. Hindsight I would have gotten a wax about a week before. I shaved my legs and armpits the day before and then the morning of I scrubbed my body because it is 7/8 days before you can shower. READ COMMENT

They do give you one at the hospital. Ask for a second one before you leave, I did and they gave it to me. That way you can toss one in the wash one and wear one. Dr. Eckhardt has been great. He is so kind and patient. He answers every... READ COMMENT