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Is fat grafting to the butt something that is necessary in all patients when doing the butt lift part of the 360?

A circumferential lower body lift has been suggested to me by the plastic surgeon that I have decided to use as I have lost 170 pounds since my highest weight. He will be doing... READ MORE

How much time should i expect off work (I'm a waitress) after body/arm lift and will my butt get it's shape back? (photos)

10 days post lost body lift and arm lift. With my lower body lift, I also had a butt lift with auto-augmentation. I know that right now I'm laying/sitting on my butt A... READ MORE

10 days post-op Lower Body Lift and Arm Lift. When can I start lifting and what is the weight restriction? (photos)

Right now my butt is VERY flat - I know that most of this is probably due to sitting/laying on it the majority of my day, but will this begin to fill back out at some point? If... READ MORE