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PS. The brand I use is Heritage Palma Christi Castor Oil. READ COMMENT

Unfortunately some years ago, I took a Soy Isoflavones supplement and got terrible dark patches on my face, even though during both my pregnancies I didn't get melasma at all. But the Soy Isoflavones did it to me. I was so mad I should... READ COMMENT

When the skin is burned, it turns dark like that. Try not to panic, and whatever you do, DO NOT peel off the dead skin, it will dry up and crinkle up. Let it shed naturally as part of the healing process. It takes about five days to a... READ COMMENT

I have performed several peels on myself, the strongest was a 30% TCA, so I can't imagine what a 70% would do. Think positive, your face won't scar, but you will have to baby it. I mixed myself a cream made up of of Aloe Vera gel,... READ COMMENT

Have you tried a mild glycolic peel? It improved my skin's texture. READ COMMENT